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Water Logos

Water is one of the classical elements that make up the world and everything in it. We associate water with cleanliness, purity and health. It also gives a feeling of calmness. A water symbol in a logo can be used in a variety of ways – it can either be depicted as a droplet, as waves, as splashes or as a rain shower.

Here are some businesses which make frequent use of this symbol:

Car Wash Businesses: Rain showers and droplets are often features in the logo along with a symbol of a car.

Cleaning Companies: Water splashes, along with symbols of cleaning equipment make up a perfect cleaning company logo.

Bottled Water Companies: Rendered in green and blue, bottled water companies use waves, droplets and splashes in their logos to depict the purity and pristine nature of their water.

Designmantic provides you with an online logo maker that lets you experiment with water logo templates. Want to see how a water symbol can look for your business? Try out the logo generator and browse through customizable options!

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