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Want to create a cleaning logo that makes your business shines forever? You’ve come to the right place. Just browse through our cleaning logo gallery, find your perfect design, add your company name, and voila, your brand new cleaning brand logo is ready for use. Our service is easy on the pocket, effective for success, and doesn’t require any graphic design knowledge on your part. So, let’s design, shall we?

What Can Your Cleaning Logo Do For You?

A cleaning logo design is a must if you are running a professional cleaning service. Your logo design will help your clients identify you and differentiate you from the rest. The design quality of your cleaning company logo will also affect how your competitors see you.

To make the most decisive impression, we recommend using a professionally designed cleaning business logo with the perfect mix of icons, colors, fonts, and graphics. Your cleaning logo image can be used for a housekeeping business logo, a janitorial logo, a maid service logo, a car cleaning logo , an air cleaning logo, as a cleaning signboard, and so many other cleaning related businesses. We have separate cleaning logos for window cleaning services, floor cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, and house cleaning services, etc. With the right commercial cleaning logo, you can establish yourself as a serious business in your community and create a strong foundation to grow.

Creating Cleaning Logo Designs Made Super Simple

Choose a Template

Browse through tons of unique cleaning logos. From broom logos to wiping logos, and from bubble logos to recycling logo icons, you’ll find it all here.


Edit the cleaning logo template you’ve chosen by changing fonts, colors, layout, and icons. You can also add effects, a brand tagline, or a new shape.


Proceed to download when you are done. Your cleaning logo vector file will be delivered right to your laptop or device.

Quick & Effective Cleaning Logo Maker

It’s important that you design your cleaning logo right. You need a balanced and very harmonious mixture of design elements to send a powerful brand message. With the help of our cleaning logo maker, you can check this task off of your list.

Thanks to our extensive variety of office and house cleaning logo templates, we can offer you unique and impressive designs no matter if your business is big or small. The right kind of cleaning logo will take your local business and turn it into a thriving brand. You can communicate your business philosophy, vision, and ethics through your cleaning brand logo.

The best thing about DesignMantic’s cleaning logos? All of the designs are free and take mere minutes to turn into brand designs. So, don’t wait any longer, and start looking for your perfect design now.

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Why Brand Your Cleaning Business?

Branding is a process of telling your brand story across different mediums and situations. When you start the branding process of your cleaning business, you promote your cleaning services logo on your storefront, staff uniforms, business cards, websites, and everywhere else.

Immaculate Branding For Your Cleaning Logo

It allows you to tell a consistent brand story and helps your customers start anticipating a certain kind of service, atmosphere, and vibe from your cleaning brand. The branding opportunities DesignMantic provides you include your cleaning business logo on your business cards, staff t-shirt designs and other uniforms, promotional material such as cleaning towels, and even on your cleaning products and materials. Since you get your cleaning logo design in multiple file formats, you can use those to print your logo on your flyers, brochures, office documents, and even on a city billboard if you like.

Over 900 Cleaning Logo Images to Choose From

The biggest hurdle in choosing your perfect cleaning logo image from DesignMantic is deciding which one of our designs to let go of. Yes, it can be that difficult. So what we suggest is, shortlist a few designs and see which one makes the most sense. Browsing is free as well as customizing. So have fun deciding. While you’re looking for inspiration your perfect cleaning logo icons, do not forget to check out our amazing blog that contains all the latest news, discussions, trends, and inspirations for cleaning logo designs. You can also check our customer reviews and Frequently Asked Questions page to get more info.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Logos

Can you design a custom cleaning logo for me?

Absolutely. Just choose a custom logo design package from our list that matches most closely to your design needs and leave the rest to us. Following your creative brief, our designers will create stunning custom cleaning logos, exclusively for your cleaning business. Depending on your chosen design package, you can have one or more than one designer working on your project. We also offer multiple design concepts so you can choose which one is closest to the cleaning logo idea in your mind. Our turnaround time is pretty quick; we also offer design revisions, multiple file formats, on-time customer support, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our custom cleaning logo design packages also come with a full range of branding solutions such as business card design, stationery design, flyer design, and website design to help you launch your business with a splash.

How to pick a catchy name for my cleaning service logo?

The choice of your business name for your cleaning service logo depends on the kind of brand message you want to send. For a casual and friendly vibe, you may go for a fun and interesting name. But to attract corporate clients for your cleaning business, we suggest a more traditional brand moniker. If you are using a foreign language word to represent your cleaning company logo, make sure you know what that word means, and double-sure that it doesn’t mean something off-putting in another popular language in your area. Also, pay attention to spelling and font choice. An interesting play on words or an intentional pun in the name are some cool ways to create a catchy name to represent your cleaning brand logo.

What are the top five cleaning icons used in cleaning logos?

Some of the mostly used and easily recognizable cleaning icons we often see displayed on cleaning logos are:

Maid logos

Broom logos

Spray bottle

Bucket Logo

Vacuum cleaner logos

Relevance is an important part of creating any kind of brand identity using shapes and symbols. Therefore, these cleaning logo icons are highly preferred by designers and business owners alike as they provide an immediate relevance to the cleaning industry.

Apart from these five icons, some other symbols that often grace cleaning logo images are feather duster logos, wiper logos, cleaning sponge logos, and washing machine logos, etc. When you sit down to decide which of these logos should you use in your cleaning business logo, focus on the icon that represents your core service the best.

Is a green logo a must for a cleaning company logo?

We cannot call it a ‘must’ but it is surely one of the most popular colors for a cleaning company logo. You have to remember that creating a brand identity is about investing in design elements that help the audience make an immediate connection between the design and the business behind it.

A green cleaning logo is perhaps the best choice for a cleaning company that wants to establish itself as a sustainable business in the community. Commercial cleaning service logo designers that want to feature eco-friendly practices in their operations and processes often want to go with the green color in their cleaning logo idea to communicate their commitment to nature to their audience.

What is the difference between a maid logo and janitor logo?

In terms of aesthetics, a maid logo communicates about a cleaning business that offers high-end professional cleaning solutions to its clients. A janitor logo, on the other hand, is more casual and easy-going brand identity. If you are launching a housekeeping company that offers custom cleaning solutions, professional standards, and a more structured and organized operation, we suggest you go with a maid logo design. A maid icon also makes immediate sense if your brand name contains the word ‘maid’ in it, though it isn’t necessary. A janitorial logo is a more appropriate icon choice for a sweeping service, building maintenance, and commercial cleaning businesses.

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