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Iconography In Cleaning Logos: 10 Icon Ideas -

Icons are an important part of graphic design. They help us understand the context and set up the story. They are even more important in logo design as they are often the primary vehicles to communicate a brand message. In pictorial marks or combination marks, icons or symbols carry the bulk of the message. The more descriptive they are, the easier it becomes for the logo to communicate the brand’s core product or services without spelling it out.

Icons feature prominently in almost all kinds of logo styles, sans typographical. Whether you are designing a pictorial logo or a combination mark for your cleaning company logo, the cleaning icon will be the hero of the canvas.

The Various Icons of the Cleaning World

The icon range for cleaning logos is quite varied. Many symbols like maid illustrations, duster icons, wiper icons, and such are popular and easily understandable by audiences. While most businesses follow minimal design principles and stick to a single icon for their brand logos, several commercial cleaning logos swim against the tide and use multiple icons to emphasize their services.

And this strategy has merit. It allows cleaning companies to market their services clearly and effectively instead of feeling restricted by a solitary icon.

Popular Icons in Cleaning Logo Designs

Below is an updated list of popular icons in most cleaning logo designs. If you are looking for a skimmable infographic, scroll down to the end of the list.

1. The Maid Icon

The maid icon is one of the most well-known cleaning symbols. It is usually drawn out from the negative space and is typically used for maid agency logos.

Cleaning Logo 1
Maid logo for a cleaning company

2. The Broom

The broom is universally understood as related to cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep. We find the broom icon on a variety of cleaning supplies logos.

Cleaning Logo 2
Broom logo for a cleaning agency

3. Spray Bottle

The spray bottle icon typically appears with other symbols. Use it in blue for the maximum effect to signify the connection with water.

Cleaning Logo 3
Girl with a spray bottle logo for cleaning service

4. Duster

Two symbols almost always appear together in cleaning logo designs: maid icons and duster icons. Maids pose stylishly with dusters in their hands, making cleaning branding look good.

Cleaning Logo 4
Dust cleaning logo for service agency

5. Cleaning Gloves

Illustrated cleaning gloves holding spray bottles are often used to draw out the brand name in cleaning services logos.

6. Wiper

Wipers are a popular symbol especially when creating window cleaner logos. Sparkly stars are added to visualize shiny surfaces.

Cleaning Logo 6
Wiper logo for a window cleaning company

7. Soap Bubbles

Soap bubbles demonstrate washing and cleaning in the traditional sense. Therefore, these are ideal brand choices for carpet cleaning logos, graffiti cleaning, and biohazard cleaning.

Cleaning Logo 7
Soap bubble logo for a residential cleaning provider

8. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner symbols work perfectly as standalone cleaning logo images. They are descriptive and meaningful and thus rarely need other icons to convey the message.

Cleaning Logo 8
Vacuum logo for a carpet cleaning company

9. Water Bucket

Water bucket logos cannot exist independently. They can convey a myriad of meanings. To keep the messaging focused, you must accompany water buckets with other cleaning symbols.

Cleaning Logo 9
Water bucket logo for janitorial services

10. Cleaning mop

A cleaning mop often joins the water bucket in branding for cleaning companies. Together, the duo makes perfect messengers for laundry marketing.

Cleaning Logo 10
Cleaning mop logo for eco-friendly cleaning service

Choose the perfect icon for a spick and span cleaning brand

A lot of rests on choosing the right icon for your cleaning brand identity. It must communicate the core services, deliver the brand message, and convey the character.

Streamline your logo design process by joining forces with our creative AI logo maker. Choose perfect color palettes, the right shapes, and ideal icons to advertise and solidify your brand message.

Iconography In Cleaning Logos

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