Dragon Logos

Dragons are one of the most-loved mythical creatures. They are revered and frequently deliberated upon across many cultures. And they are almost always seen in a positive context: they are known to bring good luck, and be representative of nobility, royalty and have power over the elements of nature.

Dragon heads, full-bodied dragons and dragon tails are often seen in logos. They appear most often in:

Chinese Restaurants: It seems to be the most obvious choice for Chinese restaurants to use a dragon in their logo. These logos make use of the Chinese red dragon and appear in whites, reds and oranges. Using a dragon in the restaurant logo provides a good variation from the typical chopsticks and pagodas.

Chinese Merchandisers: Chinese merchandise shops also use the dragon in the logo. The frequently used colors include reds, greens and oranges.

Video Game Company: Video games and gaming websites also use the dragon in logos –because gaming companies mostly like to use mythical creatures as their mascots. So dragon is one of the choices, depending upon the theme or the game or the website.

Media and Advertising Agency: When advertising companies want to say they are out of this world or that they bring good luck and have influencing powers, they make use of dragons in their logos.

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