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Make a Food and Beverage Logo

For all your delicious food and beverage logo needs, DesignMantic is your one-stop-shop. Thanks to our amazingly fast logo maker, we offer businesses just like yours, the opportunity to put their best plate forward with a tantalizing food and beverage logo! Just choose a food logo template from our gallery, edit the design if you want, add in your business name and slogan, and enjoy your brand new food and beverage logo design, ready in minutes.

Best Food Logos Online

Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to create a food logo, use DesignMantic for the best of food logos online in just a few clicks. Are you looking for a restaurant logo or a fast food logo? Perhaps you want to feature a burger icon on your logo or prefer something more organic, such as a lemon symbol for a nature-based brand? From food delivery logos to food shop logos and from ice pop logos to ice cream and gelatos, we have it all. We also have ethnic food brandings such as Italian restaurant logos, Chinese restaurant logos, Mexican restaurant logos, chicken restaurant logos, and a whole lot more. Find the best food logos online now!

Creating Great Food Logo Designs Made Super Simple

Getting an original food brand logo design from DesignMantic is a hassle-free, three-step, easy process.

Step 1: Browse

Select from hundreds and thousands of professionally designed food logo images from our database. It’s completely free to browse and try out. No sign-up required.

Step 2: Edit

Customize the template as per your needs. Resize, add or remove details, change colors and fonts, and make any other changes to the design that you want.

Step 3: Download

With your new logo design ready, click on download for free, or sign-up to choose an affordable for complete branding packages right into your device.

Beverage Logos with Effective Brand Designs

A well-designed beverage logo gives your brand a unique identity that helps it stand out. It enables people to recognize your and encourage customers to build a connection with you. We have a host of beverage symbols including bar and pub logos, beer icons, cocktail logos, and various fruit juice logo designs.

With DesignMantic’s intuitive and AI logo maker you will find a gallery is stuffed with original, authentic, and professionally-crafted food and drink logo templates that distinguish you from the rest. So instead of wasting time on setting up appointments with designers and worrying about paying them hefty fees, use our DIY logo maker now!

Food Logo Maker with Unlimited Designs

When you try our food logo maker, you’ll be hooked, literally. Not only will you be able to try it out for free with unlimited food logo templates, you can download for free too! The best part about our food logo creator is our easy to use, drag and drop design studio. Start with a food logo design you like, edit and personalize. If you don’t like the result, start over with another logo design! Unlimited food logos, unlimited options!

Over 2700+ Food and Beverage Logo Templates to Choose!

We know foodies like variety and quality. That’s why we focus on these two the most when designing food logos for you. Find hundreds of impeccably presented and beautifully created food and beverage logo templates in our collection that’ll help your eatery or restaurant have non-stop traffic.

Hear more from our clients on what a great food logo design can do for your business. For any concerns and queries you may have about the process of food and beverage logo design, our FAQs page has all the answers you need. To keep yourself updated and ‘be in the know’, check out our blog for the latest on design news, trends, happenings, and tips. So wait no longer and find your delicious food logo today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Logo Maker

Where are some great food logo ideas?

What we at DesignMantic consider great food logo ideas are designs that are on-theme with the services an eatery provides and the kind of vibe it offers. In other words, they represent the essence of the business in its truest sense.

For example, if you are running a fast food joint, a hot dog icon with flames may look pretty nice. Fresh coconut drink icons for a tropical or beach-side restaurant, a BBQ grill icon for a steakhouse, and a cute cupcake logo for a nice, little bakery are all great ideas. Just choosing food logo templates that represent your business well is the right approach to the whole process.

What colors work best for food brand logos?

Colors such as red, green, yellow, and orange look perfectly in place for food brand logos. These colors collectively represent excitement, freshness, ignite hunger, and generally put you in a good mood. Using these food brand colors on your logo designs helps people get in the mood to expect great things from your service and feel an excited appetite.

When you look at some of the established food brands such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, you’ll realize that all famous food logos contain the colors we’ve mentioned. McDonald’s uses red and yellow, Starbucks goes with green and white, and Subway yellow and white. You can opt to use two or more food logo colors from this bunch or decide to pair one of them with a neutral shade like white or brown, choice is yours.

Can I use a food and beverage logo for my catering business?

While using a food and beverage logo for your catering business, make sure it has elements that hint towards the catering service too. For example, instead of choosing a generic image of food on a plate, it may be better to pair that plate logo with a glove-clad hand holding the plate, for a more spot-on message.

Similarly, a chef hat icon or a catering logo containing multiple tiles of different symbols such as a whisk, a steaming mug, and a fork and spoon logos may look absolutely fitting for a catering brand. The most appropriate food and beverage logo images for a catering business mix food, cooking, and business on a single logo image.

Represent that through your logo and your design will be well-received.

What beverage logo icons can I use for my new bar?

There are tons of beverage logo icons such as a beer glass, cocktail logos, champaign glasses and so many other images that’ll give your new bar the zing it’s looking for. When choosing the perfect beverage icon for your bar, make sure to represent the ‘feel’ of the bar through your logo. If you are selling the classic feel, choosing a frothing glass of beer or a beer keg logo may look cool. If your bar is all about chic atmosphere and fashionable patrons, a more delicate design such as clanking cocktail glass logos may be your thing. So, try to communicate what your bar is all about through your beverage logo design so it can gain instant recognition among the potential crowd. Alternatively, if your business is beverages for young children, then consider brand logos that cater for young children by including cute elements, bright colors and fun messages.

Can I get a free drink icon vector from your gallery?

While there are tons of beautiful and professionally-crafted drink icon vectors in our database, to use them as your brand logos, you’ll need to pay a nominal design fee. At DesignMantic, we make sure that whichever drink logo vector you choose from our collection, it is original, high-quality, and can become the best representation of your brand whether you choose free drink logos or paid high resolution drink logo designs. At DesignMantic, our pricing plans are affordable and we provide food and beverage logo downloads in several formats, including vectors, PNG, JPG, and JPEG for complete branding.

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