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Horse Logos

A horse is a universal symbol of freedom –there is something about horses which is absolutely beautiful, raw, unique, fierce and sophisticated. This is why a horse is often used in logos to denote movement, freedom, spirit or travel.

A horse logo can be used by a number of businesses. Here are some examples of businesses that frequently use a horse logo:

Car Companies: Not only are horses a direct reference to the 'horse power' of their engines, but they also represent class and freedom. Car companies often use horse logos in colors of reds, blacks, blues and yellows.

Stables and Equestrian Facility: Professional stables and equestrian sports businesses also use horse symbols in their logos. The popular colors in this industry are green, brown and black.

Gift Shops: Gift shops, accessory businesses and toy stores can pull a twist on the horse symbol by making it into a unicorn or a flying horse –this then becomes a popular logo symbol for these companies.

If you are looking to experiment with a horse symbol in your logo, try our logo design templates by Design Mantic –just enter the industry name, and change the colors, fonts and styles according to your wish!

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