Designing the Best Medical Logos

Doesn’t take a professional graphic designer to make the best medical logos. Making a professional, memorable and visibly appealing medical logo seems hard because you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. Whether you’re looking to make a medical store logo, hospital brand identity or pharmaceutical logo design, you’ll need an image to represent your organization adequately. Your medical logo needs to be visible at all distances and sizes; and most importantly, attract patients and stakeholders to choose you for their medical needs. We have the perfect solution for you right here at DesignMantic!

What You Should Look for in Top Medical Logos

When you look at top medical logos you’ll notice that they feature some common logo design elements that help make them unique and memorable. These elements include:

  • Logo icon (caduceus, cross, heart, pestle and mortar)
  • Medical colors (shades of blue, green, red, orange)
  • Legible fonts (Esqaderao, Roboto, Comfortaa, Prosto)

But those are not all. Take any top medical or pharmaceutical logo design and you’ll notice that they’re symmetrical, balanced, and not cluttered as to give a clean look. This is highly essential for professional institutions like healthcare providers, clinics, doctor’s offices, or nursing homes where patients, vendors and stakeholders rely on this type of brand images to attract customers.

How to Make Your Own Medical Logo Designs

Select Logo

DesignMantic makes it easy for you to get medical logos of all types and healthcare professions.

Tweak Design

Choose your favorite icon, font and colors and add tagline to make your medical logo stand out.

Download Instantly

Once you’re satisfied with the design, download to get your logo for instant use in branding.

Best Medical Logos Created by Our DIY Logo Maker

Thousands of medical professionals use our DIY logo maker to create doctor logos, medical center, healthcare service provider, pharmacy or physical therapy logo designs. You can check out from the attractive medical logo samples below. You too can use our fast and easy medical logo maker to get your brand identity in minutes. Try it today, we guarantee you’ll love it.

Your Logo is the Key to Medical Branding

You must know that your medical brand identity is incomplete without a memorable logo design. But did you know that when you use DesignMantic, you don’t need to go anywhere else for complete medical branding? We offer a one-stop shop for brand identity designs of all types of medical niches. All you have to do is pick a logo to get a themed and consistent branding including:

Whether you choose a complete medical branding package or select single design service for your branding needs, we offer all types. This unbeatable offer is ideal for medical consultants, therapists, psychologists, counselors and similar professionals who want to start their private practice without spending too much time and money on marketing materials.

Learn More about Medical Logo Designs of All Types

And if you’re still stumped for ideas on how to get a medical logo design that will perfectly represent your brand then check out these logo tips given by our professional medical logo designers. Learn from our comprehensive medical logo guide to create outstanding designs guaranteed to attract patients and suppliers alike. Once you’re done learning, try your newly acquired skills to create a medical logo, just right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Logos

How do I design free medical logos if I don’t have any design knowledge?

No need to worry. With our intuitive and fast logo generator, you can easily get professionally designed free medical logos in no time. Plus, our payment packages are affordable and flexible, so no burden on your branding budget.

Our medical logo generator is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who do not come from a graphic design background. You start by simply browsing for the medical logo symbol that you want to make the center-piece of your design. Next, you make changes to it: resize it, add a tagline, add design effects, and so much more, all with easy clicks of your mouse.

Lastly, when you’re done, click on Download and be on your way to get your one-of-a-kind medical logo design downloaded directly to your device.

What do medical plus logos or snake symbols mean?

What many people take as a plus sign on various medical logos is actually the sign of Red Cross, an international organization in the field of medicine. The Red Cross’ symbol is a hugely well-known medical symbol. You’ll often see it displayed on hospitals and other medical facilities.

Like the sign of the Red Cross, the snake around a rod symbol is also a famous medical symbol. It represents the ancient mythical god of medicine: Aesculpius and is the official symbol of the American Medical Association as well as many other renowned institutions related to medicine.

If you are looking for medical logos that people are already familiar with and can give you instant recognition, these two are a great choice.

What sort of medical logo meanings should I convey through my design?

There are three medical logo meanings that we recommend you strive to convey through your brand design:

· Scientific/medical relevance

· Dependability

· Care

These meanings should be communicated via the overall medical logo design as well as individual elements. Choose medical shapes, fonts, colors, and other details that present your healthcare logo in the best light possible. If you are running a pet health shop, for example, avoid making your pet care logo look cartoonish. Instead, focus on an abstract paw print, preferably in blue (as it’s strongly associated with medicine), and finish it off with a clean and to-the-point sans Serif font.

Do include a medical icon in your healthcare logo for quick recognition and focus on cool colors that give patients and visitors a calming and relaxing vibe.

I’m looking for health logo design ideas. Can you help?

Sure. Start by searching in our logo gallery. You’ll find an extensive range of images that can help you in your quest to look for the best health logo design idea there is.

We have traditional medical symbols such as Red Cross signs, snake icons and stethoscope logos. We also have images for alternative medicine logos such as herbal medicine etc. These icons mostly feature leaves paired with pills logos, chemical flasks, and heartbeat logos. For a pharmacy logo or for research and development icons, we sport lab-related imagery such as a DNA string, brain logos, puzzle pieces, atoms and molecules, and similar.

For the complete variety browse our gallery today.

Is a medical logo png preferable over other file types?

That depends on where you see most of your branding taking place. If you are focused more on digital platforms, a medical logo PNG will help you more than other file types. You can easily display it on almost all social media images in profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

The PNG is a high-quality raster-based file which means it won’t hamper the quality when compressed or otherwise used. Therefore, you can be quite free in your branding efforts when using a PNG file for your new medical center logo.

However, to market your brand fully, we recommend getting your logo file in other formats too, such as vectors, so you also have the capability to print and scale your logo as per your needs.

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