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Ready to Use, Professional Restaurant Logo Templates

From fast food restaurant to bistro logos, fine dining snack bar and café logos, we have it all. Our professionally created restaurant logo designs are ideal for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for affordable restaurant brand identity design.

The logo design templates are customizable and downloadable in an instant so you don’t have to wait for ages to use your logo for branding your company. Get started now!

How to Get a Restaurant Logo Using Our Free Logo Maker


Browse through our comprehensive database of restaurant logos and choose the symbol that best represent your brand.


Our state-of-the-art logo design studio lets you customize and personalize the symbol as much as you like until you’re satisfied.

Use Instantly

When you’re ready for download, just pay a nominal price and download high-resolution files for use in branding and printing.

Why Should I Use a Restaurant Logo Maker?

And why not? A logo design software like is just the tool that every startup should have access to, for free, for fast and reliable brand identity designing.

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1 Save Time

Save time spent on communicating back and forth with graphic designers for quotes, negotiation, and logo design concepts etc. Get them instantly by browsing through professional logo templates designed for the restaurant industry.

2 Save Money

When budget is your main concern, then an expensive logo designer is not an option. Our restaurant logo maker is easy on the pocket and within your budget too!

3 Save Effort

Save your efforts to pay attention on more crucial business activities like marketing, leads, and generating sales to meet your food startup's bottom-line.

Because We Make Restaurant Branding Easy for You

We understand how first impressions are important for your restaurant business, so we offer complete brand design solution so you can get your business started with a bang, right from day one. Just get a logo design, and get the following brand identity designs along with it:

And more, all ready for print in minutes.

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"For my food joint I just wanted a simple logo to go with it, and I got the perfect one from Designmantic. All I did was add my company’s name and downloaded it. Love my logo! Thanks guys!"

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Didn’t Find a Restaurant Logo of Your Dream?

Now you too can get your dream logo, it’s just a click away. Browse through our comprehensive database of restaurant, catering and beverage logo designs to find your perfect logo. And if you still can’t find it, we offer custom logo design created by dedicated in-house graphic designers, just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a restaurant logo with a logo maker?

Creating a restaurant logo with a logo maker like DesignMantic is probably the easiest and most affordable logo designing option out there. You simply have to browse the website for available designs and pick the one that you like the best.

There are no hidden or extra costs. Browsing for restaurant logo designs is free. Plus, every piece of restaurant logo design you find here has been professionally crafted by an expert designer. Our customization panel is equipped with loads of design effects and options that can help you turn an already beautiful logo template into an astonishing design.

Look at our complete restaurant logo design collection here. We add new designs every day.

What are the key elements of a restaurant logo design?

The key elements that make effective restaurant logos are the same for the rest of the industries too. You need well-designed and technically strong graphics, images, fonts and colors that complement the whole look of the logo. Then finish it off with a tagline that is clever and catchy.

Since each restaurant requires a different kind of logo – cafe logo, high-end eateries, or sea-side bistros logo designs, etc – you’ll additionally have to make sure that your design conveys the kind of restaurant you’re running. For example, for a Chicken restaurant logo, you might want to focus on color red with a traditional image like a rooster or a chicken leg.

Incorporating images or details that identify your unique restaurant culture and vibe is critical for a food logo to work.

How can I design a fast food restaurant logo quickly?

If you are using a DIY logo service like DesignMantic, creating a fast food restaurant logo is only a matter of minutes. Most clients usually spend the most time finding the logo image that they want to work with. Considering how critically important a logo is for a restaurant brand, the time spent looking for it is always justified.

But if you find yours quickly, the rest of the process will only take a few minutes, at the most. Once you’ve chosen your fast food logo image, you’ll need to customize it so it is unique to your restaurant. Change colors, edit the size, and switch fonts and whatever you like to do to make it different and truly yours.

Lastly, just download what you’ve created and there you have it: your fast food logo design ready in a jiffy.

What type of symbols should I use for an Italian restaurant logo?

Images and icons that are symbols of Italian culture will be perfect to design your Italian restaurant logo.

Think of chef hat icons in Italian colors of red, green, and white. Pizza slice icons are also famous symbols that you can use if you run a fast food pizza place. Spaghetti strands forming your restaurant name and pasta icons in multiple tiles are all good Italian restaurant logo ideas.

However, don’t feel limited by your use of symbols. With a little creativity, you can use any regular food symbol and make it Italian enough to proudly display as your restaurant logo image. For example, a fork and spoon symbols dancing in a gondola - uniquely Italian.

How should I choose the best restaurant logo and name for my cafe?

Think of what made you start the restaurant business in the first place – your inspiration and motivation – and go from there. Those initial ideas will help you choose a restaurant logo and name that’ll do your restaurant business justice.

Overall, when choosing a name for your business, pay attention to three things: what does this word means, does it have a natural connection to your niche market, and how is it relevant to your particular business.

Once you have answers for these questions, you’ll be in an informed position to select a cool restaurant logo and a name that you can proudly share and talk about.