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Crown Logos

Nothing speaks luxury and class like a crown symbol. This versatile shape has been used by a variety of businesses throughout history. The crown represents royalty and uniqueness while providing a direct reference to heritage and legacy. You will see the crown appearing in the logos of the following businesses:

Jewelry Stores: A reference to a crown makes sense for most jewelry businesses –it stands for the high-class outlook and gestures opulence, along with showcasing expensive stones. Usually jewelry logos with crowns are rendered in gold.

Fashion Apparel: Clothing lines and accessories businesses also use a crown in their logo. Depending on the theme of the business, the logo can be given a hip look or a more sophisticated look.

Sports & Clubs: Nothing speaks “Kings” like a crown –this is why sports teams and clubs use crowns in their logos to say how they're on the top of their games, and exclusive too.

Food Chains: Fast food chains, chocolate businesses, coffee companies also use crowns in their logos to say how they’re the best. This crown can appear in different colors, for instance green in the case of Starbucks and red in the case of Friesland foods.

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