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How to Design a Custom Logo like a Pro

Author: Evan Brown

Think before you execute. Here's a guide to creating effective logos…without breaking the bank. A badly executed logo design is a step towards failure. You need to ensure that the logo design you create for your company encompasses your company's identity in a neat and professional manner. A good brand identity is essential for small companies as much as it is for bigger ones. We understand that small companies do not have a huge budget which they can employ for the creation of their brand logo, which is why we have put together these tips to help them create a strong profile, without spending a fortune on it.

Do-It-Yourself Custom Logo Makers

There are various Do-It-Yourself logo makers available on the internet which you can use to create custom logo designs of your choice. We think websites like DesignMantic are great logo creation tools which you can use instead of crafting an unprofessional logo on MS Paint (a big no-no, in the world of graphic designing) or trying to create a logo design on Adobe Photoshop (without knowing how to use all the complicated tools properly). Logo design creation is a complicated process. Thankfully, logo makers let you choose a symbol of your choice from a variety of logo design templates and then let you make changes according to your requirements. The good thing about these tools is that they help you create a logo design which looks good and presentable. There are many things that need to be considered when you make your own logo, and logo makers make life easy by minimizing the hassle. For example, depending on your need you have the option of choosing between .jpeg, .png or .pdf formats when downloading your final logo design from DesignMantic.

Hire a Graphic Designer

You can hire a professional graphic designer to help you create a powerful logo design but finding an experienced graphic designer who provides good services at a low cost may prove to be a daunting task. Hiring a professional is a good option if you are personally connected with someone who is a graphic designer and is willing to give you a discount. If you are up for some research, you can look for some graphic designers who offer their services at a lower cost. These are usually freelance graphic designers who have taken up graphic designing as a hobby or part time profession. You can use websites like to find some good graphic designers who can help you create your logo design as per your requirements. The problem with this process is that it can become very frustrating if you and the designer are not on the same wavelength. Many people resort to online logo creation websites to get a logo design which suits their choice and not what the graphic designer likes.

Logo Design Contests

If you find hiring a professional a drag, you can use crowdsourcing websites to start a logo design contest to make your work simpler, and it is affordable. This is a better option for the creation of your logo design because it lets you engage graphic designers from a network of experts. You get many different options and viewpoints as compared to just a few if you choose to hire a professional designer. You can choose the logo design which you like from a plethora of options and have your changes incorporated with ease. The additional feature of adding the element of competition adds an interesting spark to this process. The designers out forward their best designs to be able to achieve their prize.

Some Points to Remember

You are free to choose whichever method you prefer for your custom logo but here is some advice which you must consider when creating your logo design. You want your logo to create a buzz, but not in the wrong way. Have you seen the Pepsi logo fail? Make sure the symbols and designs you use in your logo design do not signify anything other than what your brand is. There are many smart and creative individuals out there, waiting to rip your concept apart.

See these great logo designs in contrast to get a better idea of what your business logo should look like. Make sure that you use colors and fonts which suit your identity. Try not to use gradients in your logo design but if you are, keep them minimal as they tend to look tacky. You need to create a good concept without making your logo design too complicated. Using logo makers, hiring professionals and starting logo design contests help you get professional input and save you from making mistakes and technical errors while also helping you create a logo design which you like.