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The Art of Crafting Custom Wedding Logos with an Oomph Factor

A plethora of details dot the path between the “she said yes” and “I do!” As soon as the elated couple gets over the initial joy of the proposal, they are overwhelmed by the mammoth and lumbering task lying ahead; planning a wedding from scratch! Everything from deciding on the menu, sprinting from salon to salon to pick out the perfect ensembles, booking the florist, choosing an event planner, contending with food and wine tasting, to making sure their favorite band is available for the big night, the bride-and-groom-to-be soon find their diaries and phones replete with the contact details of the numerous vendors that they are entrusting the most precious day of their lives to.

One of the secrets to a fab big day is choosing the right vendors. However, with the plethora of wedding vendors all touting to be the best in the business, how does a vendor stand out and make an impression even before a couple has stepped over their threshold? On a close inspection of a wedding logo, a couple can actually garner a notion of what they can expect to find from a wedding vendor!

Elements of a Wedding Logo

When it comes to designing a viable visual identity for a business in the wedding industry, here’s what goes into the creation of an elegant wedding logo made in heaven that leaves your clients spellbound in a heartbeat:

1. Typography to Tie the Knot

When it comes to selecting typefaces for the logo of a wedding vendor, the choices run the gamut of available typography from script typography with flourishes, to elaborate serifs, to plain san-serifs.

Sans serif Vs Serif poster

Using two typefaces in your custom wedding logo designs is another great idea, especially if your company logo incorporates some kind of a subtitle, for instance a short description to illustrate the nature of your company under the actual name of the company. In this case, consider marrying a san-serif font for the subtitle with a serif for the main title to ensure wedding font pairings that are made for each other.

Best Logo Font Pairs for Businesses in the Wedding Industry

best logo font pairs infographic
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When it comes to designing logos for a business catering to the wedding industry, avoid typography that makes the company appear too quirky or juvenile, or is too off the beaten track. No couple should be made to fret over whether their choice of caterer, cake creator, florist, or wedding planner will follow through with the perfect product or even arrive at all. Since weddings are once-in-a-lifetime affairs (fingers crossed), this leaves no room for error.

Wedding Logos Drive Couples Away Infographic

2. Colors To Get Hitched In

If you want your logo to articulate the intended message and leave a lasting impact, choosing colors for a wedding logo is another consideration that cannot be overlooked. The big bang theory of colors reveal that different colors evoke different emotions in people and thus, knowing the implications of your chosen color palette could help you decipher how consumers will interpret your company logo. If you want your wedding logo to stray away from the common cotton-candy pinks and sprightly pastels, here’s what different hues denote:

What colors denote in a wedding logo infographic

When you start conceptualizing your logo, think of how you can highlight your expertise and convey your ideology through the colors you will be incorporating. For instance, since the color red embodies warmth, excitement, and love, it is a great choice of color for the logos of wedding bands and matchmakers. On the other hand, yellow would benefit Event coordinators manifold, since it denotes optimism, friendliness, and confidence. Similarly, for a chic and high-end bridal boutique, violet along with black would be a glamorous and sophisticated choice. To help you get started, here are the color palettes of 20 Top-notch wedding logos that you can garner inspiration from:

Color palettes for wedding logo infographic
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Wedding Logo vs. Wedding Monogram

Before we delve deep into the intricacies of logos designed to adorn wedding vendors, we want to clear a misapprehension regarding the difference between a wedding logo and a wedding monogram. Despite the common mix-up, couples get distinctive monograms designed to label their wedding and as perfect details to add to any celebration of newly-weds! A wedding Monogram typically incorporates the initials of the couples, followed by the wedding date. Think of it as two people becoming one. Creating a modern wedding monogram has become a fad for couples aspiring to brand their weddings and unify all the details associated with it. On the other hand, a wedding logo is the logomark of a vendor in the wedding industry, used to mark their business and distinguish it in the sea of wedding vendors.

What Goes into the Designing of Winning Wedding Logos?

If you are wondering what makes a wedding logo unique and resonate with couples to be, boosting their trust in the vendor, and making them more likely to choose them, here are a few comprehensive guidelines on designing logos of wedding venues, wedding photographers, and bridal salons:

Wedding Venue Logos

Shortly after a couple gets engaged, not only are they enveloped by a barrage of warm well-wishes but also bombarded with the inevitable questions of where and when. When it comes to choosing the perfect venue to complement the theme of your wedding, a lot of thinking and planning goes into the venture.

Since couples today have a wide array of wedding venue options at their disposal, depending on whether they aspire for a quirky vintage wedding, a rustic barn yard affair, an uber romantic beach soiree, a traditional church event, or a sentimental country house celebration, wedding venues these days are facing a lot of competition. No matter how decked out and embellished to perfection a wedding venue is, it has to appeal to couples who have never even stepped over the threshold. Before it placates their aesthetic senses, it has to leave a strong enough impact to draw them to the premises for a closer look!

Wedding Catering logos infographic

Wedding Photographer Logos

The escalating fad of Digitalization in this world has witnessed a proliferation of photographers, all flaunting to be “snappier than thou”. In addition to coping with the soaring competition in the niche, wedding photographers carry an additional burden over their chests; the enormous task of capturing the most intimate moments in the lives of the elated couple. In order to stand out and be seen as a reliable figure in the realm of wedding photography, wedding photographers need top-notch logos to reflect their expertise in their niche and reassure the flighty brides of their promise to make their big day extra special.

By looking at the two logo design case-studies below, one can instantly venture a guess at the expertise of the photographer:

Kristy Harrison Wedding Photography
Ring and shutter based icon for wedding photographer

The diamond and the camera shutter icon form the wedding ring in this brilliant logo. The geometric design reflects the details found in both the photography style as well as the wedding ring. The light blue color references the wedding term ‘something blue’, representing loyalty and faithfulness.

Laura Watts Walsh Photographer
White vintage style logo

This stamp and monogram logo is the perfect logo for a wedding photographer. The concept of the niche is represented with a celebrated/knot ribbon and an intertwined leaf.

The Works of a wedding photographer are awe-inspiring, warm, and breathtaking, and their logo design should reflect their portfolio to let the excited couples know what they can expect from the photographer. When designing your logo, here are the most popular characteristics of wedding photography logos that we have scourged out from some of the finest pros in the market:

Popular characteristics of wedding logos

Bridal Salon Logos

Every bride dreams of the day she walks down the aisle, decked out in a breathtaking attire trailing across the floor, drawing gasps of admiration and awe from the guests, as she bedazzles and mesmerizes. Given how important the wedding gown is to brides, bridal salons go out of their way to offer the most fairy-tale like, budget-friendly, and glamorous ensembles to brides to be. In addition to designing irresistible apparels, bridal salons also work on their logo designs diligently to help brides looking for a particular style and niche find them. When designing a logo for a bridal salon, here are a few takeaways to ensure the chicest logos:

Frills and laces in bridal salon logo

Custom Design or a Logo-Maker to Design a Wedding Logo; How to Decide

Diligently designed logos exude a clear impression of your wedding business and help foster your image by communicating consistent messages to your customers. However, the design industry is replete with the diversity of styles, options, and design inspirations, making the process of logo design a complicated and mind-numbing one.

In addition, when you factor in the smallest of details, the process may leave one pulling their hair out in confusion. For instance,

Something as seemingly innocuous as a logo could mean months of struggling, tiffs with designers and agencies, and sleepless nights reading between the lines, trying to make sure your logo won’t rub clients the wrong way. Furthermore, since a wedding vendor may have his own notions about the final logo design, which may or may not align with that of the designers or the audience, more trouble ensues and the process is ceaselessly lined up for verdict.

Using DesignMantic to whip out a "I Do" Inducing Wedding Logo

While it is occasionally hyped that expensive custom made logos permit businesses in the wedding industry to be as ingenious as possible and express their creativity, a logomaker is irrefutably unparalleled in terms of time, cost, and a promise of a hassle free navigation. As such, leveraging the Designmantic logo maker is one of the most viable ways of creating an effective logo for your business; one that makes couples stopover in their witch vendor hunt.

The escalating rage of creating artistic, inspired, and symbolic logos, using pre-made templates online, allows business owners to explore an ever sprawling array of design options in a cost-effective manner. Logo makers have rendered it a breeze even for wedding vendors operating on a shoestring budget to garner a great logo without splurging a fortune on a graphic designer.

With the additional perks of super-fast editing, vast libraries of symbols, and instant industry compliance, leveraging the Designmantic logo maker for your business can help you fortify your brand’s image with a logo that reflects your individuality.

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Takeaway for Wedding Vendors

Defining the face of your business is the first step towards standing out from your competitors. A plethora of wedding businesses may offer the same promises of a breathtaking wedding, but how they brand themselves and make an impression that set them apart. However, staying abreast of the latest developments and trends in the logo design industry, keeping up with the essential logo design principles , wrecking your brains to come up with a logo that resonates with your customers, and splurging a fortune on hiring graphic designers to design your logos can prove to be too bothersome, exasperating, and time consuming for businesses in the wedding industry, and like most others, they give up and maintain a low profile.

On the Other hand, DesignMantic offers a complete branding package that allows wedding vendors to define their entire marketing strategy using viable tools available at affordable costs. In addition to designing a wining wedding logo, here’s how you can up your branding game with DesignMantic:


Even in the digital age, the indispensability and usability of a business card cannot be denied. A business card is akin to a customary greeting one ushers to a potential contact. A well-designed professional business card is your roadway to opportunity and success, and helps you garner lasting relationships with customers. Business cards can have a significant bearing on your brand recognition and the success of your bank, and make you come off as reliable and professional in front of the bride and groom to be. DesignMantic offers customizable templates that incorporate all the necessary elements that make a business card truly unique.


For all formal correspondence, using custom designed letterheads, bearing the logo of your company, helps convey your professionalism and makes couple-to-be willing to entrust the most special day of their lives in your hands. Since your business letterhead may be the first encounter a client has with you, it’s indispensable to leave a great impression that lasts. Thus, making your letterhead say all the right things can greatly work in your favor.


When potential customers visit your business page, you only get a few seconds to capture their interest and engage them, due to their short attention spans and proliferation of information all around them. Since your cover photo is the most conspicuous part of your pages and is the first thing people see about your page, it is imperative to design stellar cover images that have the capability to mesmerize your visitors and impinge some message on their minds even if the only thing they see about your page is the cover image.

Be it wedding logo design, business cards, letterheads, business envelopes, and social media covers, DesignMantic software takes care of all. Since you are designing all your branding elements on the same platform, you can rest assured that consistency and integrity will receive a paramount position.