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Celebrity Wedding Advice: 9 Secrets To A Fab Big Day! -

Turns out they are exactly like us! When it comes to pre-wedding jitters, even our favorite celebrities want to decompress and take things nice and easy. All that glitz and glamour in the world doesn’t compare to peace of mind that one needs before walking into what is billed to be the biggest day in their lives.

Here are some of those powerful women who rule the world in their respective spheres be it in politics, entertainment, fashion, sports, music and lifestyle to name a few. All of them touch upon some of the most important things to consider in a wedding. From the choice of wedding music to the wedding color trends, making your wedding a rousing occasion to remember is as much about the small things as it is about the big things. You can say the personal can’t be removed from the aesthetical, commercial, culinary, private and many other concerns that are all part and parcel of a wedding event.

So remember, take it from the women who’ve been there, done that. We hope you find their wedding advice perfectly relatable and helpful as the wedding bells loom near for you. Weddings are huge. Doesn’t mean it’s not supposed to be fun for you and your partner. So dig in and happy wedding planning.

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