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Top Wedding Color Trends – Spring 2015! -

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. And when it does, it’s a warm feeling of anticipation and happiness, with lots of colors and laughter; not to forget the wedding season that comes into full swing as the spring fever commences.

This association between spring and new beginnings, festivity, and vivacity is aptly celebrated by the Pantone Color Institute every year. They’ve been doing that for over 50 years now by creating a biannual trend forecasting tool known as Pantone View Color Planner. It offers a comprehensive guide for seasonal color usage 24 months in advance and is considered a standard color system for multiple industries such as fashion, cosmetics, industrial design, and so on.  A careful study of the Pantone colors till 2015 will show why wedding color trends depend heavily on this color planner.

The following presentation delineates some of the top wedding color trends of spring 2015. It also provides some interesting and unique combinations, or complementing colors, for each trend with visual examples. Whether you are a soon-to-be-married couple, a designer, an artist, or just somebody who loves colors; this slideshare is for YOU!

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Azmat Batool is an Online Reputation Management Pro and Blogger. Her writings focus on providing wedding resources for would-be couples, lifestyle hacks, brand management, and awareness on feminism, using a variety of sites to leverage her voice. She is also a fashion enthusiast and loves to write about latest fashion trends.

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