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Pantone ‘Color of the Year’ Galore – From 2000 to Date -

Any layperson can give you a speech on color selection and usage nowadays, but only a professional would provide you with valid reasoning regarding the choice of a certain shade or hue of a color. An experienced designer would carry multiple tools to explain the commandments of the color theory to his clients so that they would understand the concept in their own capacity. They would describe the Hows and Whys as well as the Ifs and Buts of a particular decision; making it easier for common men to appreciate the nuances and subtleties of color usage in graphics.

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Pantone is one such valuable color matching system that’s been assisting, both designers and brands alike, in the selection of perfect colors for various industries. The organization that started in the 1950s as a commercial printing company now holds hundreds of licenses in terms of products and services in over hundred countries. However, it has been taken over by the X-Rite Inc. since 2007, when they purchased it for $180 million.

The “Color of the Year” project started with the new millennium and continues up till now. The following infographic provides all the relevant details that you may find interesting. The fifteen colors that have been selected have served their purpose well and it is expected that the trend would continue to thrive for decades to come. This year Marsala is the hot favorite which is already being used in fashion and lifestyle industries. A glamorous make-up collection by Sephora has been introduced in different shades of Marsala and the Pantone color inspired cosmetics are the new rage on the runways.

Check out what the Pantone “Color of the Year” has had to offer since the initiation in 2000. Also, tell us if you’d be interested in promoting Marsala through your design projects in 2015? Share your opinion with us and the infographic with your friends.

Pantone Color

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