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The Good Book Of Colors: The Essential Guide For Business! -

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung once said, “Colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious.” With that in mind, how long do you think it takes for one to make a decision about a certain object, a product, a poster or a simple piece of paper? According to Datagraphic’s studies, it takes about 90 seconds to make a decision within one’s subconscious. In another study, about 62-90% of a person’s judgment is based on colors alone.

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Colors have played a critical role in most of our lives, especially influencing our moods and behaviors when it concerns branding and marketing. You may have noticed it yourself as to how frequently this concept has been applied in the promotion of several consumer goods that people buy from retail stores and the like.

Everything from food and beverages to household electronics employ an innovative use of colors in a number of advertisements. This is exactly how marketers are able to alter a brand’s personality and a consumer’s purchase intent.

When it comes to owning a business, you have to have a logo or branding that is relevant with your business, easy to recall, but mostly, visually striking to the eyes of your customers, which is the job of your company logo. And to do that, you have to choose those colors that are appealing to you and your audience and portrays the core message of your company and its business.

If that is what you’re looking for, then this article is the answer to your prayers. We have gone and listed the most charming colors to consumers and their characteristics as well. Surely, after going through the list, you will know which colors best apply to your company’s branding.

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Here are some key points to know about the popular colors.

1. Red

Red denotes passion, energy, and rage. If you need to grab the attention in an electrifying way, you should use any shades of red. Different shades suit different industries, for example, the warmer shades of red are more suited to luxury brands.

2. Blue

Blue is the color of peace and calm. This is why it inspires trust, serenity, dependability and also a sense of achievement and pride. This is why financial institutes and health sectors make use of blue. The darker shades of blue are more suitable for academic institutes, while the lighter shades are appropriate for the security logos, research and development logos or medical logos.

3. Pink

Pink is a feminine color that gives feelings of softness, love, and beauty. Baby brands, cosmetics, media etc. are perfect industries to make use of the color pink. You can use the softer shades of pink for a more delicate image and the brighter, richer shades for a more dramatic image.

4. Yellow

Yellow is a color that can evoke a variety of emotions. It can evoke feelings of happiness and confidence, as well as feelings of want and hunger. This is why fast food chains love to use yellow. The more gold-tinged shades of yellow bring a feeling of luxury, while the lighter shades look more commercial.

5. Green

Green is the color of fertility, prosperity, wealth, stability and happiness. It is good for use by companies that want to portray an environmentally friendly image, or for those dealing with the finance sector.

6. Purple

Purple is a royal color. If you want to convey a sense of class, excellence and exclusive luxury, shades of purple are perfect. Purple can be used by a variety of industries including the food industry, cosmetics industry, fashion industry, travel industry etc.

7. Orange

Orange is midway between yellow and red. It is energetic, yet not overly stimulating and it also evokes a sense of happiness. This is why orange is perfect for giving some fun and confident vibes. You can use it for the advertisement sector, for arts and décor etc.

8. Brown

Brown is the earthly color. It gives a message of nurturing warmth and care. This is why it is good for businesses who want to convey this feeling. It can be used by the cosmetics, fashion, food and engineering industry.

9. Black

Black gives a sense of modernism, minimalism, and sophistication. Black is very versatile. Fashion brands, technology companies, art industry, food and religious sector –any and all can make use of black.

10. White

White denotes perfection. White gives a feeling of immaculate purity and an untainted beauty. This is why it is often used by the religious sector. Fashion, arts, cosmetics and other industries can use it too.

The Good Book of Colors

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