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What Color Should Your Logo Design Be: 3 Questions To Ask! -

Close your eyes and bring to mind the eminent golden arches of McDonald’s sprawling all over the country. Had the burger chain still been the epitome of international success it is today if they had been grey or some other bleak shade? Some logos have colors that are even more potent and impactful then the actual symbols; think of the rainbow hues of Google, or the pink of Barbie, or the red of Coca-Cola.

The human mind vividly responds to visual stimuli, with color being the major defining factor in that response. Colors convey meaning on both a subconscious and conscious level, within the artifice of our culture but also with in the natural world. The power of color psychology can be harnessed by apt graphic designers to introduce a degree of resonance to their designs. This has never been more indispensable then in the realm of logo design.

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Color can be leveraged cleverly to induce multiple layers of meaning within a design, be it the intricate associations we are able to make based on learned assumptions to primitive responses drawn from evolved instinct. Such responses are used by companies to accent and underline their branding messages. Having a deep comprehension of color psychology can greatly enhance your success as a logo designer. Almost everybody is acquainted with the psychology of colors which tell us that color has a deep impact on our behaviors and emotions; remember yellow is cheerful, red is stimulant, blue is reassuring, and green is soothing.

While establishing your brand aesthetics, one of the most impactful selections you can make is to select a color palette for your brand. Whether you are thinking about coloring your brand industry-wise or thinking out of the box, choosing the right logo colors not only help you attract the right customers but also highlight your business’ strengths, while having the wrong combination can wreak havoc on your business. When creating the perfect logo, attention must be paid to the color messages you are sending. If you are worried about selecting the right colors for your logo, this Infographic can help you make an informed decision:

Logo Color

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