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How To Have Your Dream Wedding Without Burying Your Budget -

Wedding is the biggest day of one’s life and no matter what, everyone wants theirs a memorable one, a dream wedding celebrated in style. Extravagant is the word that falls short of its meaning when it comes to people spending lavishly on their weddings and making others envy for them, unknowingly.

Well, someone has rightly said, “Seeing is believing.” But, what if the splendid looking wedding décor at your friend’s wedding comes from the idea of ‘saving big on your big day’? With the plethora of DIY ideas floating here and there in front of our eyes like eye floaters, planning a wedding on a budget is not a big deal anymore. Although planning for the weddings on a budget needs a lot of time and mindful approach, such measures always save you from being broke. The end result: a happy and financially controlled married life.

Planning to get married anytime soon and fancy a personalized yet fun wedding, fret not as we have some ideas that surely will work for a dream wedding on budget. Before going further, here is a million-dollar tip: don’t look at lavish wedding styles as these will only add to the frustration comes from already tight budget. Instead, plan your wedding around the ideas that not only feel economical to talk about but also are easier to implement.

People are always okay with the décor that goes with the wedding theme, whether you buy décor pieces from a high-end store or from a flea market, nobody cares. And yes, your honeymoon is nobody’s business. Glitz jumps in when you let people talk about it. Being a very private affair for two of you, keep it a secret and simplicity comes along. Same is the case with other nitty-gritties that comes with a wedding. For example, guests list (you can always trim it), costumes (laced ones are always expensive), musical bands (go for the cheaper one), floral arrangements (minimalism is the key), venue booking (skip the weekends), etc.


Wedding Invites Wedding Celebrities Wedding Color

All an economical wedding needs is a careful, vigilant approach and excellent time management. Master the art of these techniques and we ensure you a dreamy wedding affair.

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