Professional Legal Logo Maker

Lawyers are master artists in the craft of representations, and we serve these master crafters with the best of design representation there is! We offer an easy, web-based, and affordable logo design solution to all our clients from the legal profession. If you are looking for a professional legal logo maker with high-quality creativity and artistry, you’ve come to the right place.

Our legal logo design creator offers you a hassle-free solution to get your lawyer logo ready in no time. Our process is a three-step easy solution and requires no design knowledge to create.

Make Your Legal Logo Represent You Well

Your legal business practice requires the most careful representation. Thanks to our brilliant designers, we offer you just that. Through the perfect mix of design elements, we give you the highest-quality, most original law logo images you can find.

Whether you are looking for a law firm logo, an attorney at law logo, or a court logo design, you can find an extensive variety of diverse logo marks in our gallery. Some of our most popular legal logo icons include courthouse logo, gavel logo, quill feather in a shield logo, law scale logo, a book and laurel and wreath logos, and other similar designs.

Our designers have created these law logo templates keeping in mind that each law practice is different, serving a different area of law, and helping a different set of clients. Therefore, you will find each of our designs unique from the other. You can make the design even more unique by editing and customizing it. We also offer custom logo packages for law firms who want one-of-a-kind exclusive designs.

Creating Free Logo Designs Made Super Simple


Browse through our hundreds of legal logo templates to choose the one that ticks all your boxes. Browsing is free and we add new designs regularly.


You can edit the design to bring it closer to your legal brand image. You can alter colors, modify the font, and even add new details – all from your browser window.


Proceed to download the legal company logo you’ve just created. We offer logo files in multiple formats for easy branding solutions.

The Significance of a Good Legal Logo

The sanctity of the legal profession relies on the absolute placement of trust by one party and the upholding of that trust by the other party. A good legal firm logo that looks trustworthy, reliable, and professional can help this exchange of trust a lot easier and smoother.

Our logo designers have spent time and effort in learning how to create visual identity designs that help establish certain qualities about businesses. When you take a look at our legal logo gallery, you will find that each of our attorney logo designs is the perfect combination of various design elements so we can present the legal profession in its perfect form. Our lady justice logos, legal scale logos, and law consultant logos, lawyer association logos etc. are designed with serious, corporate fonts, somber and neutral colors, and ready-to-recognize legal symbols.

So if you are looking for a lawyer logo to give your new practice the recognition it needs, look no further. Take advantage of our web-based legal logo maker and design your brand identity now.

Branding Your Law Firm Logo

It is extremely important to brand with your law firm logo to give it a distinct personality and character. Branding will allow your clients to identify with you and become your brand ambassadors. Though there are tons of different ways you can brand your logo, there are some that are more popular than others. With that in mind, we offer all our clients the ability to download their legal logo files in various formats so they can brand their firm the way they choose. Some popular branding solutions for law firm logos include visiting cards, official stamps, official notepads, folders, and other office stationery designs.

A folder is an important fixture of a lawyer’s daily life. A lot of important files and paper go into it and it has high visibility because it’s there in most situations. Our legal logo vector files allow you to print your logo on your files, file folders, and other items in the office.

Your official legal stamp holds no value if it does not have your law firm logo as part of its design. Take advantage of our complete legal logo branding package to get your logo designed on the stamp.

In your daily routine, you need to have a lot of note-taking done. The notepads around your office are an ideal branding asset. Use our law logo pdf files to print your logo on your notepads and other material.

Don’t forget legal business cards. You’ll be handing it over to everyone in your job as a lawyer. Make sure to have your attorney logo printed on your business cards for maximum recognition.

Over 480 Legal Logo Templates to Choose From

Our legal logo design gallery is ever-expanding. We add new designs almost every day to keep things fresh and updated. When you have found the legal firm logo that you had been looking for do check out the other parts of our website to see what else we have to offer. You can see our client reviews and find out how good we are at our job. You can also go through our FAQ page and find answers to the most common legal logo design queries. We also have an exciting and thriving design blog going on so do check that out too. It is filled with tons of useful design advice, tips, trends, and techniques. We also share our take on the latest design news and offer design guides for graphic design enthusiasts. Take a look at some of our interesting blog articles to know what are talking about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Logo Maker

What is a legal logo design?

A legal logo design is a visual identity mark created to represent the legal services industry. The logos you see on law firms, lawyer offices, attorney chambers, and such are all legal logos.

To create the most representative look for your law firm logo, you need to know your core audience, your brand message, and communicate the exact kind of legal services you provide. Choosing the right kind of lawyer office logos, therefore, goes a long way. Look for iconic symbols such as the lady of justice icon, justice scale icons, and the gavel icon, etc., to create your designs. Some lawyers also go for letter-based logos for a more discreet look. We suggest font families from Serif and Sans Serif styles for these designs.

How can I download your legal logo maker for free?

You don’t need to download our legal logo maker as it is a browser-based tool. It means you can simply access it by going on our website and browsing the gallery for logo designs. And don’t worry, all the browsing and editing you want to do is free of cost. We only charge for the designs that you download.

This design fee is quite nominal and not heavy on the pocket. It not only ensures designer-compensations but also provides you your required legal logo vectors in all the necessary file formats.

So check out our website now and see which legal logo templates take your fancy. Our 24/7 customer services chat is also there to help you along.

What file formats do you offer for your law firm logos?

All of our law firm logos, and other legal logo images, are available in every file format for an effective marketing and branding campaign. These formats include JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

The JPEG gives you the perfect balance between storage and quality. The legal logo png is there to take care of your branding and promotion in digital places. And the PDF is a vector file that allows you to print and scale your law services logo anywhere you want.

Together, these file formats allow you the opportunity to plan your branding without any limitations.

What is the best way to design a legal aid logo?

Depending on your budget and brand requirements, there are a few ways to design your legal aid logo. You can hire a graphic designer, DIY the logo if you have some design skills, or use an online logo maker app to help you with the task.

The first method can be quite costly and time-consuming. The second one only works if you have got any graphic design skills. The most cost-effective and time-saving solution of the three is using a logo maker like ours to create a legal aid agency logo in no time and with money to spare.

We also offer budget-friendly custom design solutions if you want original and exclusive designs. For more on the matter, check out How it Works.

What colors people usually associate with legal services logos?

The legal profession requires the use of authoritative and professional-looking colors on legal services logo designs to send a brand message of reliability and trustworthiness. These colors include brown, blue, green, and beige.

Color psychology tells us that people associate blue with reliability and calmness, green with trust, peace, and life, and brown and beige with neutrality (non-judgment), safety, and dependability. Together, and in various combinations, these logo colors psychology can help you create an effective legal brand logo that will resonate with your audience.

Remember, your law office logo is trying to convey a message; use colors that will help keep that message on-brand.

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