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20 Legal Logo Designs That Fight For Originality -

Legal Logo Designs

Featured Image: iStock/DNY59

So, the jury is out, and creating boring legal logos is outlawed. As it should be.

The stereotype of law being dull, and lawyers even more so, is dated – and it needs to end. It’s time to make law sexy and exciting. And we are doing our bit by collecting and gathering design ideas that make the case for revolutionizing the whole thing.

Make Law Logo Designs Interesting Again.

Ahead you will find law logos, law firm logos, and attorney logos, etc. that are extra, impactful, and just plain beautiful. Save these logos in your idea book and use them to inspire you for your next legal design project.

Come, let’s check these out.

1. A Rich, Sophisticated Logo

Deep, saturated shades of colors add richness and elegance to your legal logo without making it look bland. So, forget the grey and black combo and think about pink and purple.

Legal Logo Design 1
Image Source: Behance

2. It Doesn’t Have To Be Dark

Your legal brand logo does not need to be in dark shades. You can do your magic in pastel shades, too. Pair the pastels with some strong geometry to balance the scales.

Legal Logo Design 2
Image Source: Behance

3. Beige Is Bold

Depending on the shade of beige you are choosing, you can bring it very close to looking like gold. Using modern typeface, you can create a striking law logo design with even beige and black.

Legal Logo Design 3
Image Source: Behance

4. Think Of A Cool Name

A cool brand name is a blessing. It allows you to be imaginative in your brand identity design. Think of some typography or creative iconography to do justice to an interesting business name.

Legal Logo Design 4
Image Source: Behance

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5. A Defining Feature

Look at the ‘X’ in this design. In both the places within the logo, the X has been designed a certain way. This unique identifier can be especially helpful in your design recognition and recall.

Legal Logo Design 5
Image Source: Behance

6. A Wise Symbol

Legal logo designs are heavy in symbols. But scales, gravel, and lady justice are not the only icons of law. Think of unique images that capture the essence and wisdom of the legal framework.

Legal Logo Design 6
Owl logo in brown and gold color

7. Something Gold, Something Grand

There’s no denying the imposing nature of a legal courtroom. Replicate that feel in your logo design using some powerful imagery and strong colors.

Legal Logo Design 7
Shield logo with two black wings

8. Order, Order!

Bring order and organization to your law firm logo by focusing only on a single icon and emphasizing it with unique color choices.

Legal Logo Design 8
Legal logo in classic old style

9. For A Traditional Look

Though this lawyer logo design contains conventional icons, the logo looks anything but. Learn more ways of how to use a traditional logo symbol to create a modern legal logo look.

Legal Logo Design 9
Blue and green scales logo

10. The Torch Of Justice

The torch of justice is an interesting look for a law firm logo. You can design it using line art, illustration, and even 3D.

Legal Logo Design 10
Fire logo in red and yellow

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11. Design A Monogram

Monograms are a popular staple of law-related brand identities. As a designer, consider creating monograms to turn brand names into brand symbols.

Legal Logo Design 11
Image Source: Dribbble

12. The Line Art Logo

Not many designers opt for line art when thinking about attorney or lawyer logos. This is where you can make your mark with a small bit of effort.

Legal Logo Design 12
Image Source: Dribbble

13. Shield Your Logo

A circle is a homogenous shape that everyone likes. It signifies unity, organization, and authority. Consider creating a circle shield out of your legal brand logo for a simple yet effective look.

Legal Logo Design 13
Image Source: Dribbble

14. Authoritative And Imposing

While there’s no place for a repetitive legal logo design in 2020, don’t go for an extreme makeover. If you are designing for an old and established law firm with a decade-old legacy, perhaps an authoritative design with sober colors is the way to go.

Legal Logo Design 14
Image Source: Dribbble

15. Initials In The Image

Make your brand initials a part of your law agency logo. The pillars of justice have been given the shape of a T while the C works as the half-circle that almost-encloses the whole thing.

Legal Logo Design 15
Image Source: Dribbble

16. A Modern Look

We love a modern take on a law services logo. Broken letters, sans serif fonts, and simple colors is what we are here for!

Legal Logo Design 16
Image Source: LogoPond

17. Paint It Red

Red is a passionate, bold, and confident color choice for a legal brand image that isn’t afraid to stir some feathers. A fitting choice for a proud brand.

Legal Logo Design 17
Image Source: LogoPond

18. Match With Your Industry

When we say your legal business logo does not need to be boring, we mean it. If you represent the entertainment industry, why not reflect it through your logo?

Legal Logo Design 18
Image Source: LogoPond

19. Unique Icons

The iconography for legal logo designs contains a huge room for improvement. This logo below adds to the growing collection of unique symbols that can work as relevant legal brand images.

Legal Logo Design 19
Image Source: LogoPond

20. A Clean And Simple Design

You don’t need to create anything over-the-top complicated to make an impact. A clean design with a clever thought behind it gets the job done.

Legal Logo Design 20
Image Source: LogoPond

The Takeaway

Designing brand identities for law practices is an interesting take these days. The industry is growing and with it, the demand to see it presented in a more original and brighter light. Experiment with color moods, shapes, typography, and graphic design techniques to create impactful legal brand logos.

Be on the right side of design history as we make legal brand identities confident and fashionable.

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