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The Finicky vs Intellectual Design Clients – Which One Do You Have? -

Design Clients

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They say that every great brand deserves to have a great logo. But not all brands are great. If a brand is just rolling out in the market, having a good logo won’t fulfill the purpose as efficiently as expected. The logo can only work well when it becomes familiar to the customers.
All clients hire a logo designer with the clear objective of a high standard logo in mind. They want a business identity that their customers can recall at any given time of their lives.

But, even though, all clients aim for pleasing the audience; they sometimes, insist on having their personal choice implemented on the design. Some entrepreneurs want their logos more stylized. Others emphasize on their practical relevance to the brand and its products.

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The Finicky Clients

Clients From Hell
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These clients focus more on the attraction factor of the logo. Typically, they have the following traits
• Love Decorative Or Intricate Designs
Such clients usually insist on having an intricately designed logo. They treat logo as a piece of art rather than a corporate identity. They tend to reject concepts with simple yet practical designs. Floral designs are also favourites to these clients. Even if it is a symbol for medical business, they would want it to be highly stylized.
• Want Lively Colors
They want the logos to be decorated with beautiful colors, possibly sharp and lively. Dim colors and washed out textures look terrible to them. They want their logos to strike the eyes and stay in mind because of their vibrance.
• Adhere To Industry Trends
The aesthetes seldom defy the industry trends and often tell the designers to follow the famous design concepts ruling that industry. For uniqueness, they incorporate standard symbols, which compliment their enterprise, in a complex way.
• Love Icon Based Logos
For these clients, a logo is incomplete without beautiful graphics. Symbols and drawings are a must and they do not usually approve of text-based logos. Our guide to logo design tips for beginners provides more options for using a variety of colors and perspective to the designer.

The Intellectuals

The Intellectuals
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Those who go after the meaning of a design can be identified by the following traits:
• Want Innovative Design
The intellectual clients want innovation in everything they do and therefore, want a complimenting identity which can enhance the impact of their products. They like unique and unusual ideas whether those ideas follow industry trends or not. Logo for them is just a part of branding. Therefore, they do not rely solely on the logo to communicate the meaning of their business to the customers.
• Experiment With Colors
To achieve the innovative look in design, they appreciate any experimentation with colors that the designer might do. They love bright colors too but they don’t mind pastel shades and retro style logos either. As long as the colors compliment to the tone of their overall branding, they create no issues for the designer.
• Defy the Design Rules
Design, for intellectuals, is just a means to bring out the mission and vision of the company. For example FedEx has a hidden arrow within its text when it could have been anywhere as a symbol. Such simplistic yet practical design is a perfect example of how these clients envision their company logo.
• Big Fans of Text Based Logos
These clients love modern design. Minimal design trends and text based logos capture their heart more easily. Rather than complex designs, they like complex ideas executed in a simple manner. Icons and symbol are different type of logos which cater to different type of clients; use them separately where relevant.
So which clients are you dealing with right now? Leave us your thoughts and suggestion right here in the comments section.

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