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26 Fab Resources to Find Wedding Cake Monograms and Toppers -

Wedding Cakes

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For thousands of years, lovers have engraved their initials on forest trees as reminders of never-ending love (for better or for worse, as they say) and revered the action as sacred. In modern times, we simply write them on the back of our note books or torn pieces of paper. It’s like a written agreement etched on the wood or signed on a paper of two halves coming together (though once you start carving them, it’s hard to resist to not do that on every surface, anywhere you go!).

Once a couple decides to get married; their monogram becomes official. Becoming an essential part of the overall decoration of the event, custom designed wedding monogram on invitation cards, banners, wedding albums, or on table covers gets a lot of highlight.  However, one of the most prominent objects it is used on is the wedding cake.

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• Cake Shops to Order Wedding Cakes with Monograms:

Wedding cakes are beautiful. That’s mainly because they are not just food; they are baked memories. The bride and groom may decide to order separate cakes but typically there is just one huge sculpture of sugary satisfaction (metaphorically speaking, of course). The cake artists either use their own creativity to add a monogram or the couple purchases an exquisite wedding cake monogram topper for their nuptials ceremony. Either ways, the monograms is put to good use whether imprinted on the cake by the baker or decorated as an accessory.

Here are some fine resources for wedding cake monograms and monogram toppers.

1. Pink Cake Box

2. The Ambrosia Bakery

3. Cake Design – Erica OBrien

4. Signe Sugar

5. Maunsel House Wondrous Wedding Cakes –

6. Martha Stewart Weddings –

7. My Inspired Wedding

8. Mark Joseph

9. Eat Cake Be Merry

10. Vanilla Bake Shop

11. Irene’s Cakes By Design

12. It’s Tasty Too!

13. Sedona Cake Couture

14. Sweet Alternatives

15. Cake Work

16. The Knot


• Best Resources for Wedding Cake Monogram Toppers:

One way of perfecting the wedding ceremony is by finding a nice, unique, and inexpensive wedding cake topper. As cake cutting is always the highlight of the reception, you can be sure that all that you invest in finding the right product will be rewarded by getting maximum exposure. It will be captured by numerous cameras and circulated over the social networks. Your friends will tag you in photos of inanimate objects. That includes everything from your wedding ring to the monogram topper on your cake. Make sure it’s special enough to be remembered by the guests.

1. Wedding Cakes Ideas

2. Weddingstar

3. Etsy

4. Toppers With Glitz

5. Couture Cake Jewelry

6. Party City

7. Wedding Collectibles

8. Lillian Rose Cake Toppers


10. Wedding Mountain

Do check out these resources to make your weddings unforgettable with a fabulous cake monogram topper. We would love to know your experiences if you have used any of these before.

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