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Constant Branding Is The Startups’ Only Savior -

Last time we discussed about Growth-Hacking Is The New Branding – Debunked, Today, an emphasis on consistent branding for the startups is the main concern. Startups need to work aggressively on their branding, through deliberate and progressive series of steps. Branding plays a significant role in the growth and development of every business. Brand’s perception should be clear in the mindset of its target market. This is one crucial element which most startups over look right from the beginning.


However, it is constant branding right from the day one, which can help a startup go to another level. Coming out with interesting and informative blog post ideas, sharing in-house activities and fun over social media along with achievements are a few ways to consistently branding a startup and its culture.

Brian Honigman (Content Marketing Consultant, CEO of Honigman Media) shares on a startup’s branding “the four recommendations i.e. telling stories, taking stand, defying expectations and focusing on great design, represent strategies that have already proven successful for startups and that reflect trends currently developing in branding and consumer behavior.” This is a detailed account of observation from Honigman which illustrates the importance of continuous branding for startups.

On another point, Jayson Demers (Founder and CEO, Audience Bloom) says regarding the improved visibility of any startup by linking it with stronger and consistent branding “Once you’ve established your brand’s look and personality, your responsibilities aren’t quite over. You’ll still have to ensure that your entire team is on board with the brand and using it correctly in every application. Stay consistent, and your brand will increase the visibility, authority and retention potential of your company.”

Finally, Edwin Dearborn (Author of Power Branding Secrets) shares the importance of consistently branding a startup by saying “Particularly in the earlier stages of a brand, people’s trust is only established once they are confident that they understand that your brand performs well. So, be constant and consistent.”

With all these opinions and observations from experienced and skilled professionals, one can understand the fact that constant and consistent branding is the startups’ only savior.

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