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How To Name Your Brand? -

What’s in a name? Everything! Shakespeare might have not written his own name under this adage if he wouldn’t know the importance of the name. The great author completely knew the significance of the name, that’s why he wrote his name under the quote. For businesses, especially for startups, selecting a brand name is very important and crucial. In order to name a brand it is integral to follow a few tips and practices like:

  • Keep the brand name shorter.
  • Brand name should be easy to memorize.
  • Brand name must have a relevance with the business.
  • Brand name should be easy to understand.

Besides these points, there can be an alteration in selecting the brand name. Tito Philips, Jnr. (Business Coach/Consultant, Brand Strategist from Nigeria) shares the importance of brand name as

“If you are just starting out in business or working on a product or service, let your brand name be descriptive, sticky and short.”

So, keeping a brand name shorter is apt.

Annie Pettit (Expert in research methods, survey design and analysis) mentions famous brand names and advocates the importance of what great brands school us about in terms of naming businesses as

“Pepsi, Burger King, Taco Bell, Facebook, Adidas, Panera, Microsoft, and KitchenAid are all short, easy to spell, unique brand names that will never be used in a way that doesn’t mean the brand, and are easy for consumers to find online”

Name on your Brand

Brand names should also be relevant to the target audience of the business and that’s what Josh Spiro (UX Designer / Storyteller / Marketer) says

“A strong name should be simple. Make it easy to spell and pronounce for starters, and meaningful to your audience, not just to you.”

If you want to name your brand then you must focus on the points shared and discussed above. This is a sure shot way to come with a creative and interesting brand name for your startup.

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