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[INFOGRAPHIC] Bride vs. Groom: What Unites Them on the Wedding Day? -

Wedding is a ceremony that unites two souls into a single unison. It is a day when two people sharing similar thoughts and feelings tie the knot vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. But when it comes to planning a wedding, the bride and groom are like opposite poles thinking in utterly contrasting manner.

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For grooms, wedding is all about showing up to the venue and saying ‘I do’ to the woman they want to marry. Their wedding planning might only get as far as popping the question. But for brides, it involves a bundle of major decisions and minor details such as ideas for wedding monograms, flower arrangement, stage lights, music, and wedding cake, etc. that she wants perfected for her special day. They day the question is popped, that is when the real thought process actually starts for brides. Countless questions and concerns start flowing in their minds that need to be answered like:

Where are we going to get married? Will I find the dress of my dreams? Who will be my maid of honor? Should I hire a DJ or live band? What about the cake, flowers, table arrangements and the list goes on…’

The following infographic reveals how differently bride and groom think on each aspect of wedding when they are planning their ‘Big Day’.


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One thought on “[INFOGRAPHIC] Bride vs. Groom: What Unites Them on the Wedding Day?

  1. Great info on Bride Vs Groom. I now have a much better understanding of whats happening behind the scenes. We are Wedding Photographers in Pretoria and I will keep the info found in mind when dealing with our clients.

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