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Perfection: A Myth or Milestone? -

Art isn’t a definite construct. Or is it? When can you tell that art has achieved perfection? Or how can you measure perfection in design? The answers to these questions are varied and complex, as the design and artistic fraternity’s responses will show you.

We asked some of the industry stalwarts and independent professionals alike on whether there is such a thing as perfection in art and design. Can we achieve this milestone? Or is perfect design just a mere myth? Here’s how the responses went:

‘Striving for absolute perfection can prevent you from completing projects. Not completing projects means that you don’t get paid. Not getting paid means that you’re not a professional designer.’ – Peter Connolly, IT Manager

Is getting things done the ultimate criteria for a commercial designer? Or is it chasing after the perfect product? In the business world, deadlines matter too.

Earning Praise For Your Talent Is Great

‘Does your own quest for perfection exceed your client’s expectations? Earning praise for your talent is great, but not at the expense of your productivity and sanity.’– Jessica Bourne, Instructional Designer

Maybe perfection as a concept has been misconstrued to mean one thing. A change of perspective and mindset about what entails perfection can work out for designers and clients alike. Its just like managing your perceptions better.

‘In my opinion, perfection is an unspoken state of mind, as in "I feel it is complete thus it is perfect." Also, saying that things get better over time is like saying app updates make apps better each time yet we know it is not the case.’ – Emilio Lopez, CEO, Otter Creative Studio

And to further make the distinction about perfection in art and design more clear, it is helpful to think about art and design as two different things.

‘Art is always a work in progress, that is, you can always take it further.

Design however, is what the client is buying, here, ‘accuracy’ is where you apply perfect. ‘– Mo Morris, Freelance Designer

Clients care about accurate results. As our duty as professionals, there is no place for mediocre work.

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