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30 Prodigious Non-Profit Logo Designs -

The world is a strange place. If you view it from another perspective, you’d see that instead of the shades of blue and green, you’d see shades of varying emotions and factors prevailing across the seven continents. What are the most prominent ones you’ll notice? Happiness? Joy? Satiation? Wrong. The World Bank reported in 2016 that due to lack of resources and low wages, 767 million people are living under the poverty line. Yes, the prominently increasing cycle of hunger and poverty has been running for almost centuries and is leading toward a sordid situation in the near future.

But, of course, efforts have always been made to mitigate the effects of hunger and poverty as well as to provide better living standards to the suffering humanity through educational logo designs, intriguing posters and thought-provoking campaigns. Non-profit organizations have always had the forefront of this battlefield. They’ve focused their efforts on becoming the helping hand for these individuals and that is why they’re expanding their approach to address different issues related to humans and their environment via different forms of arts, graphics, social branding campaigns and more.

However, how do you recognize a non-profit organization when you see one? Obviously by the non-profit logo. Generally, a logo is designed to communicate a brand’s identity, its core values, and goals. Be it designed by a professional logo designer or an online logo maker. It sets a brand apart from others due to its ability to merge several elements and shape them into a solid image or representation of the brand i.e. a unique logo design. So, back to the non-profits and their logos. What a logo does for a brand is also what it does for the non-profit and other charity organizations. Think Red Cross, think WWF, think Feeding America. What do you see? All these community logos are designed specifically to deliver a clear-cut message to the audience and tell them what the non-profits tend to. They contain all the qualities of a good company logo, i.e. they’re simple, original, innovative, adaptable, memorable, timeless, and scalable and yes, they also give a pleasing feeling.

Whether you’re collecting funds to help abused children or are going to run a non-profit to help provide clean water in Africa, you need to have a registered name and a trademark, which is why you need a community and foundation-centered logo. It’s all right. With so much inspiration out there, there’s no need to panic. As mentioned before, many charitable organizations are carrying out their operations and their logos communicate that quite soundly.

Here we’ve gathered a list of 30 prodigious non-profit logo designs to let you come up with your own idea and sense of design and empathy. Make sure you notice each element along with the motive behind the logos of each non-profit listed in the infographic below. With all 30 at your disposal, we hope that you don’t fall short of the inspiration to come up with your own charity logo design. And oh, keep up the good work!

Non-Profit Logo Designs

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