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Roundup Of The Famous Logo Redesigns Of 2016! -

Have you ever looked at a company logo and wondered out loud: “I just don’t get it”? Creating a great logo that resonates immediately with target audiences is tough work. The right logo can launch a business to stratosphere-levels while the wrong one can spell almost overnight doom. For this very reason, companies often invest millions into redesigning their logo, not only to strike a chord with the right audience but to also stay relevant for ages to come.

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It is common for companies to often find themselves at overwhelming odds as they struggle to overcome stiff competition – this is precisely the time to rethink branding, and logo redesigning is right at the center. An enticing logo represents your business, conveys important messages, while staying relevant and up to date with new design trends. Therefore, it is absolutely vital for brands to consider a logo redesign at some point in order to emphasize their key strengths and project the business’s core values.

Take Nike for example; the company’s signature checkmark has stayed relatively the same though minor adjustments and fine tuning has kept the brand relevant over the last 4 decades or so. Starbucks is still as popular as today as it was in the 1970s because the company kept up with changing times and kept their logo up to date.

Everything must evolve with time moving forward. This especially applies to businesses who want to stay relevant. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an established business or one that’s just starting out. A redesign might be deemed necessary at any point in time, due to ever-changing business landscapes or shifting consumer needs. After all, consumers want to associate themselves with a brand that keeps up with changing times, not one that is resistant to change and getting outpaced by competitors.

Changes in technology and especially social media, has made it necessary for many companies to rethink their logo design. The logo is, in a way, the anchor point of a business. Here’s a look at some of the most well-known logo redesigns of 2016:

famous logo redesigns 2016

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