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Wow-Sters vs Boo Inducing – 20 Awesome and Not-So-Awesome Logo Designs of all Times! -

The mind works in mysterious ways; and businesses capitalize on the fact by using logos. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you are asked to recall your favorite brand of cologne, attire or shoes? It’s the logo! Consumers may forget your brand’s name; but they will never forget its logo. That is, unless it is designed with a purpose. After all, how a logo is designed ultimately determines whether a particular brand is memorable or becomes a passing memory.

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A company’s logo is indispensable as is apparent from the logo redesigns from 2015. Gone are the days when logos were only limited to family crests. Businesses take the concept to the next level and in the process, simplify it while retaining its true purpose. But what’s in a logo? That is the real question. Basically, a logo is a design that is used to symbolize a business. The main purpose of a logo is simple enough; it is meant to ensure that consumers associate the brand that it represents instantly as soon as they spot it.

Everything from the type of font to the design and yes, even negative space can determine how visible a logo design will be. It all depends on how such aspects are utilized. However, while some businesses have adopted the “simple is better” concept marvelously, others have slipped up along the way. Nike’s Swoosh and Coco Cola’s lettering are a case in point. Both styles make these giant brands stand out by just being visible. Brands such as GAP on the other hand, chose to stick to the basics and kicked upgrades out the proverbial window. And the results are not pretty. Check out this infographic to know why certain logos are forgettable and how other brands use certain tricks to market their messages subliminally without giving themselves away.

Wow-Sters vs Boo Inducing

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