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8 Steps to Logo Design Process: A to Z -

8 Steps to Logo Design

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Welcome to a brand new source of learning and continuous inspiration presented by DesignMantic. If you are new to logo design, we will provide you simplified guidance to getting started with logo making. Following are the basic steps to creating logos. Practice them and in little to no time; you will be working like a pro.

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1. Brief

This includes personal information such as name, email address, website address, etc. You are required to explain in detail exactly what you want from the designer and how that will be used in future. Also budget and some additional questions about your business may be included in the Brief questionnaire.

2. Research

Start with market research, check competitive audit and brainstorm with the moodboards. You also need to research what trends and styles are suitable for your client’s particular needs.

3. Sketching

Sketch your ideas and experiment with the concept as much as you can (stretch your aesthetic limits). Filter them in two categories: good and bad.

4. Conceptualization

Transfer the two or three final logo designs from you sketchpad onto the computer and of course, that means Adobe Illustrator.

5. Presentation

Send initial concepts to the client to receive feedback. You can’t move forward without his ‘Go ahead.’

6. Improvement

Make changes in accordance with your client’s feedback. Refine the details and improve it visually to better communicate the message.

7. Development

Work on developing the aesthetic for final design. This includes color schemes, typography choices, and layout variations. Review your work.

8. Final Product

Bonus: Logo Design Rendered A Piece Of Cake

Send the final files to your clients. Use Vector instead of Raster. Smile. 🙂

If you don’t want to delve into the lengthy steps that precede a logo design, DesignMantic Logo maker can help you create logo designs within 5 minutes. With a plethora of logo design templates available, you can always find a design that caters best to your business.

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