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5 Quick Fix Travel Logo Ideas For Tour Operators -

Travel Logo Ideas

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Tour operators are the specialists of the travel industry. Unlike travel agency set ups that provide a broad range of services spanning over niches like ticketing, lodging, transportation etc. tour operators provide experiences and services that are usually more specific. These services may cover only a few areas of travel but within that area, customers can enjoy more comprehensive solutions for all of their travel needs.

For example, tour operators who specialize in adventure travels will only provide services in this particular area but cover all aspects of the travel then. From helping you choose the perfect adventure trip of your life to booking it, and from transportation to lodging and food, they provide it all.

If you are starting a tour operating business, it’s likely you’re a wanderer yourself. So while designing the perfect travel logo for the operation, consider what factors attracted you the most towards other tour operators. And use those factors as guidelines for your own design concept and to create a strong travel brand.

In this post, we will touch upon five of the most popular, easily recognizable, and enduring travel industry logo trends that can be quick-fixes for your travel logo needs. You can either use these ideas as inspirations for more elaborate designs or just pick one from the list right now and create a unique logo within minutes.

1. Travel Symbols: A Picture Says A Thousand Words!

Symbolism and iconography are the foundations of business logos. There are certain images that people associate with certain business. For a travel business, those images are airplanes, buses, cruises, compasses or symbols of popular tourist destinations.

If the pressing needs of your start-up do not allow you to spend days and weeks over the creation of your logo, using any one of the popular travel symbols as the centerpiece of your logo works absolutely fine.

  1. A location pin is perhaps one of the most modern symbols of travels. It inspires adventure, a sense of fun, and a desire to get ready for the trip. With this logo you get the addition of airplane flying, which adds more depth to the design.
  2. Travel Logo
    Location pin logo with an airplane

  3. Airplane is more in focus in this design and the infinity symbol it creates in the wake of its path introduces another dimension to a simple travel logo.
  4. Travel Logo
    Abstract airplane logo for travel companies

  5. This is a travel imagery that says beaches, personalized services, and leisure. It is perfect for a tour operating business that offers high-end, more comfort-centered holiday experiences.
  6. Travel Logo
    Circular logo with spoon, fork, and umbrella

  7. Cruise travels are one of the most popular and thriving travel businesses right now, and have been for some time. Using relevant symbols in your logo can make you instantly identifiable. And with a bit of customization, you can make the logo more unique and truly your own.
  8. Travel Logo
    Palm trees logo with the building

  9. Many tour operators specialize in travels to certain countries, cities, or locations. If you are also planning to offer such niche-specific travel services, perhaps using popular or unique images exclusive to those areas can work in your favor. Maps, famous buildings, popular locations, all these can become you logo’s mood board.
  10. Travel Logo
    Australian Map logo in blue and red

2. Wordmark Or Lettermark Travel Logo: Put Your Name On It!

This is another quick way to create a tour operator logo. Since tour operating business usually have a select few individuals (mostly one or two) who take care of the creative end of the work and come up with new trip ideas, it makes sense to capitalize on this talent in your logo design.

  1. a) This is a pretty straight-forward travel logo example. You can use your initial(s) and make the logo identifiable as a travel business by using the unique business name or adding an interesting tagline underneath.
  2. Travel Logo
    K logo with an arc and plan

  3. It is an absolutely on-trend, really smart idea to use your unique personality as the inspiration of your tour operating logo. People want to know who they are doing business with, and a personalized logo like this can instantly set you apart from every other tour operator. Why? Because no one person is like another. And you’re making this uniqueness the distinguishing character for your logo design.
  4. Travel Logo
    Chic glasses with a scenery logo design

  5. You can also use other design elements in your personalized logo to make it more distinguishable. The upward arrow in this logo, for example, is the perfect nod to an airplane taking off, and is positioned in a way that makes it look like a letter of the alphabet. Quite fitting for a personalized tour operating logo design.
  6. Travel Logo
    Business card leading to an arrow logo design

  7. A crown wearing initial as the logo with a business name that either truly complements it or contrasts it is the perfect way to make the design more interesting but not condescending. If you have a business name like this, well now you have a logo to match it.
  8. Travel Logo
    Orange crown logo fit for a leading travel brand

  9. This is a fun, tongue-in-cheek, and an absolutely beautiful piece of design that can work as your tour operating logo. The design theme and the colors chosen make it the perfect logo choice for tour operators who are into adventure travels, explorations, and extreme sports.
  10. Travel Logo
    Image Source: LogoPond/tass

3. Fun Travel Logo Designs: Add A Family Feel To It!

Travel with family is a time of much laughter, crazy memories, and a lot of fun. Yes, it can be exhausting but the moments you’ll live and the memories you’ll create will outlast any passage of time. If you are a tour operator who offers perfect holidays for families, these are the logos for you.

  1. A ride for the whole family! Entice your customers to invite the whole family and plan a fun trip.
  2. Travel Logo
    Retro bus logo for travel operators

  3. If you want to add a theme of fun, laughter and lots of holiday adventure in your tour specialist brand, this logo is for you.
  4. Travel Logo
    Blue and orange cloud logo with sun and plane

  5. You can also use travel imagery in your vintage travel logo design to make it more appealing.
  6. Travel Logo
    Organic farm-feel logo with a bus and blue sky

  7. It’s a to-the-point, no-nonsense travel branding with fun colors and a nostalgic design.
  8. Travel Logo
    Image Source: LogoPond/designgirl0127

  9. Sand, sunset, beaches, and waves, this logo practically spells holiday fun and leisure.
  10. Travel Logo
    Camera logo with a scenery in camera lens

4. Niche-Specific Designs: Take Them On An Adventure!

Adventure travels make up the biggest chunk of the tour operating businesses. And depending of the types of adventure travels you offer, there’s a huge variety of logo choices to pick from.

  1. A travel logo for the tour operator who is into mountaineering, skiing, and wants to offer a high vantage point to her travelers.
  2. Travel Logo
    Mountain logo in a snowy field

  3. Most appropriate for a tour operation that specializes in beaches, seas, sands, and surfs.
  4. Travel Logo
    Beach logo design with a silhouette of a man and palm trees

  5. Adventure doesn’t only mean sweating on the hills, it can also mean the work you do on the inside. A yoga retreat, for example, is the perfect client for such a logo.
  6. Travel Logo
    Spiritual travel destination logo with a yoga pose

  7. How fitting is this logo for a tour operator who offers trips to the Bull Run Festival in Spain.
  8. Travel Logo
    Line art bull logo with a globe in the back

  9. For the solo travels on the lonely road. The sun setting behind the mountains gives the design the perfect backdrop.
  10. Travel Logo
    Shield logo with a mountain range and biker

5. Creative Travel Logos: Inspire Wanderlust

A good tour operator is the one who is a traveler themselves. Because only then you can create trips, packages, and holidays that will inspire people to come to you and not go to a big travel agency. If you’re looking for travel logo that inspires wander lust in people, these are a few examples you can choose from.

  1. A road that leads who nowhere.
  2. Travel Logo
    On-the-go road logo for travel brands

  3. Entice your travels to leave all the stress behind and lounge on a hammock on a beach in Bali.
  4. Travel Logo
    Fresh logo idea for beach, travel and tourism companies

  5. This is a logo for the traveler with a sincere need to wander.
  6. Travel Logo
    Compass logo with an orange needle in the middle

  7. What is better than a tour operator who knows that the best experiences happen on road trips, and then arranges the perfect one for you and your friends?
  8. Travel Logo
    Brown logo with a car on the road

  9. Attract people with a business logo that is all about foreign travel.
  10. Travel Logo
    Classic mountain range, plane and sun in a logo design

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