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8 Wedding Stationery Design Ideas To Make Your Fall Wedding Big -

Planning A Fall Wedding

Hey guys, fall is here and even before you blink your eyes, it is going to be a little cold as Fall marks the transition from summer to winter with temperatures cooling down considerably. For all the lovey-dovey souls out there, here is a piece of advice. Get married before it is too late or otherwise don’t blame the cold weather.

As the point of discussion is ideas for a Fall Wedding, let’s get on a snap ride for some season inspired creative wedding ideas you will want to steal to plan your big day in a cheerful way. From save-the-date cards to thank you cards, we have it all set for you to start with and ending the biggest event of your life on a happy note.

Planning A Fall Wedding

Let’s admit the fact that we all want our Big Day to be one of the most memorable days of our lives. In most cases, people go extra miles by hiring wedding planners to plan their big event and spend lavishly sometimes to compete with others.

Though there are various factors involved in planning a happy wedding, we give you some ideas on how to be creative with your wedding stationery.

Fall Wedding Stationery Checklist

If you are planning to get married in Fall season, keep in mind the colors and décor elements that the season offers as they all set the tone for the event. Invest in decent wedding stationery!

8 Tips To Make Your Wedding Stationery Shine

There is more to wedding stationery than just invitations. You will need RSVP cards, table plans, menus and place cards to start with. In terms of wedding stationery, here is a complete list of what is in for soon to be wed.

We tell you what you need to know before choosing your wedding stationery.

1. Save The Date Cards And Wedding Invitations

These are useful when you are planning your wedding out of the town or inviting guests from abroad. A Save the Date card signifies to the guest that they are invited to attend your event and should save the date. These are perfect for couples who need to give their guests advance notice of the wedding.

How To Be Creative:

We recommend a customized card with a modern twist. Like how about a picture of both of you with a hint of maple leaves here and there and a pinecone motif. A simple card in rustic tones will also do good to the purpose and seasonal theme as well.

Save The Date Cards

Save The Date Cards

Wedding Invitations

You either make it or break it with your wedding invitations. Such is the importance of an invite and you have to be a little more cautious and careful both when getting it done. Be clear about you as a couple and it should be designed keeping in view the wedding theme. If you’re hosting a fall wedding, then you’ll want invites that speak the woodsy charm and botanical accents that rustic invitations often have to offer.

How To Be Creative:

If you’re a creative person, you can DIY your wedding invitations. There are lots of sites that teach you how to create your own wedding invitation in 5 minutes and there are certain how-to guidelines for doing it all on your own.

Wedding Inivite Color Ideas

On some of the websites, they step you through the entire process and have a lot of materials, colors and font styles to compliment your type as well as tutorials on how to do it all. You can tailor your invitations so that they give off a rustic vibe. If not one of them, you can also DIY your wedding invitation using logo maker websites.

DIY your wedding invitation

Ribbon Card

You can also festoon your invitation card with lavender twigs and a purple ribbon.

Ribbon Wedding Card

Laser-Cut Wood Stationery

A bride who happened to be a graphic designer, created the letterpressed invitation herself, and incorporated rustic twine, laser-cut wood accents, and other Maine-inspired details.

Laser Cut Wood Stationery

wedding invites font

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2. Ceremony Program

This informs guests of how the evening/reception will unfold from the meal to the speeches, cutting of the cake and the first dance. Helpful if you have lots of things planned, or a venue with many rooms.

How To Be Creative

How about some hand-stitched program cards or some jute bags to put your cards in? These will definitely set the mood of your guests for a rustic Fall wedding.

Ceremony Program

Ceremony Program

Stitched Ceremony Programs

Stitched Ceremony Programs

A Personalized Monogram

The easiest step to DIY is to log on to logo makers or websites that offer instant solutions to your DIY needs. With your mind already occupied with day-to-day activities, it is advised to take help from certain logo makers that are up-to-date with easy to-do guides for your wedding monogram and add personality to your wedding.

wedding monogram

3. Seating Card Display

Displayed at entrance of the reception area, seating plans show your guests a plan of the table layouts so they can easily find their seat. These can correspond with the place cards or escort cards and the table numbers.

How To Be Creative:

Try some gold sprayed tree branches and hang them with wide ochre ribbons that hold calligraphed seating cards in place. For a lasting touch, add some glittering millinery flowers.

Seating Card Display

4. Escort Cards (Optional)

Escort cards are more usual in the US and allow more creativity than placecards so these are starting to be seen at weddings all around the world. They are used to assign each guest to their seat at the wedding reception.

How To Be Creative:

For a fall wedding there is nothing better than pinecones to relate to the theme. How about separating the rows of place cards with the columns of pinecones?

Escort Cards

Wreath Escort-Card Display

Choose an array of golden autumn hues for the leaves of a wreath to create an undeniably fall display.

Wreath Escort Card Display

5. Place Cards

Placed at the seat of each guest, place cards inform them where to sit. These can form part of a favor left for each guest.

How To Be Creative:

How about the placecards crafted from paper-thin wood veneer? These inexpensive sheets are pliable enough to fold and cut easily into delicate shapes; the elegant graining makes a distinctive canvas for calligraphy. What a creative idea to use craft punches to create maple and birch leaves.

Place Cards

Wedding Color Combos

Candied Apple Placecards For Kids

Veneer tags attached to red-hot candied apples served as placecards for the kids.

Candied Apple Placecards For Kids

6. Menu Cards

Though not essential for a buffet or a small short wedding reception, the menu card informs the guests of the meal ahead. It can contain the food options or the set menu and choices for those with dietary restrictions.

How To Be Creative:

Design your menu card with maple leaves. Wanna go extra miles? Let’s place a pomegranate or two at the bottom of each menu card or pin your menu card atop a fresh pomegranate.

Menu Cards

Wedding Menu Cards

7. Wedding Guest Book

After your wedding and honeymoon is over, you get to pour over wedding pictures and read the thoughtful notes in your guest book. Unfortunately, not much is written in this book as the guests are little or not interested in this part of the wedding.

How To Be Creative

Finding it difficult to draw well-wishers to the guest-book table? Go for a dramatic display like a vivid wreath packed with chartreuse santini mums and covered with tiny bows. Do not forget to keep colorful pencils nearby in a cup.

Wedding Guest Book

8. Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are sent to your guests shortly after the wedding, thanking them for their gift and for attending your wedding. The cards are also used to thank bridesmaids, flowergirls and the host of your party.

How To Be Creative:

Infuse some real elements of pinecone and maple leaves to give your guests a sense of belonging to you even after your big day.

Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

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