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Positive Customer Experience Makes Brands Sticky -

What makes a brand sticky? I think we can all agree that it is experiences. The consumers of today have a lot of choices. And they deviate towards brands that offer them positive experiences.

Branding expert Laura Ries has an interesting take on this in a discussion. She believes that a brand lives and dies “in the mind of the prospect” or consumer. In other words, if a brand bores consumers, it is doomed to fail.

In general, brands become sticky if they –    

  • Offer consumers something unique
  • Improve experiences

Facebook’s triumph over MySpace is a good example of why brand experiences matter. MySpace lost to Facebook because it prohibited members from revealing their true identities. Facebook told users do the exact opposite. It also kept introducing new features to improve the social media experience; a perk that MySpace didn’t prioritize.

What is the lesson here? MySpace may have pioneered social media – but it was Facebook that perfected this experience. As a result, Facebook is now the most popular social media website in the world while MySpace is just a shadow of its former self.

Positive Customer Experience

Previously, we discussed how to name a brand. Today, we will discuss how brands become sticky if they offer consumers better experiences.

Why Customer Experiences Matter

The case of MySpace and Facebook isn’t new. Branding speaker Jeremy Miller explains why consumers are liable to stick to brands that offer positive experiences –

“Customers know if a vendor doesn’t satisfy their needs, they can go somewhere else. And sometimes, they’ll go to the competition just for a chance to try something new. Growing a sticky brand helps you rise above the fray. Your customers understand what makes you unique and why your services are excellent, and they seek them out first when they have a need. Their comfort and trust in your company minimizes their need to shop around.”

It is safe to say that customer experience is a major factor in a brand’s success. Founder of Startup Professionals Martin Zwilling explains why customer experiences are synonymous with a brand’s identity –  

“The customer experience is really your brand, since that is what customers remember and communicate to others, rather than your marketing. Thus the real challenge in building your brand is building your level of engagement …”

Positive Experiences Build Trust

Brands also become sticky if consumers trust them. Positive consumer experiences help them build this trust. Senior strategist at RPM John Viccars explains how brands can benefit from this –  

“Brand experience harness the power of consumer influence, which is important when you consider that word of mouth is the most powerful ad medium. 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends but only 10% trust advertising.”

In conclusion, consumers tend to stick to brands that offer them new experiences. If brands want to attract or retain customers, they must make an effort to improve consumer experience.

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