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20 Modern Engineering Logos To Energize Your Design Process -

Engineering Logos

Featured Image: iStock/ipopba

If your design process has been a bit slow lately – thanks to the pandemic and all that it has brought with it – you certainly aren’t alone. To kill your boredom and ours and to stimulate our respective creativities – here is a list of 20 beautiful engineering logos.

Engineering is an exciting profession. These professionals are not only experts in science and math but are wildly creative, too. Did you know, for example, that the slippery part of water slides was conceived by an engineer? Engineers are also responsible for inventing the Ferris wheel, the first snowboard, and the Morse code; among many other exciting things (the Egyptian pyramids, for example).

So, if you are designing a brand identity for an engineer or an engineering firm, consider your work cut out for you. These people are geniuses and deserve to be presented with the best that graphic design has to offer.

So, use these inspiring images below and help your design process move along.

1. The Iconic Merger

A key, a gear, a city skyline, and custom lettering. Though too much is happening here, the effect is still modern and sleek.

Engineering Logo 1
Image Source: Behance

2. Pointy & Precise

Take a cue from your brand name and create something that immediately gives away what your brand is all about.

Engineering Logo 2
Image Source: Behance

3. Angles = Authority

Convey your leadership qualities by using sharp angles in your engineering logo designs. Triangle is a handy shape that conveys leadership, authority, and direction.

Engineering Logo 3
Image: Behance

4. Muted & Grey

Tell your audience how exclusive you are by using muted tones in your logo designs.

Engineering Logo 4
Image Source: Behance

5. Keep It Charming

Paradoxes in design keep things interesting. If you are using a futuristic font, pair it with a playful icon to make your brand look less like a robot.

Engineering Logo 5
Image Source: Behance

6. A Mascot Logo

Mascot logos make brands appear humanistic and approachable. A mascot for a STEM education logo can be a great rallying point for students.

Engineering Logo 6
Robot logo with intricate details

7. Green Energy

This green energy logo is unmistakable in its presentation of the brand offering. You immediately know it’s a logo for an energy-efficient brand.

Engineering Logo 7
Bulb logo with leaves inside

8. The Atomic Symbol

Using well-known industry symbols helps the target audience warm up to you and recognizes your brand easily.

Engineering Logo 8
Gear logo with a sphere around

9. Clean & Lined

Contrasting shapes in logo designs can help the audience understand the design better and make it look well-thought-out.

Engineering Logo 9
Iron rods logo with black circles

10. Stacked & Assembled

Use symmetry and repetition in your engineering logo to make the design look neat and proper.

Engineering Logo 10
Green logo with chip formation

11. The Shape Of The Logo

Geometric shapes are some of the most common shapes for this industry. Learn more about how the different logo shapes work for engineering logos.

Engineering Logo 11
Image Source: Dribbble

12. Elegant Engineering

A muted gold in your logo design can add a touch of elegance.

Engineering Logo 12
Image Source: Dribbble

13. Breaking The Mold

Fonts that break are instantly attractive. You can spot them from a mile away and they make the brand look distinguishable.

Engineering Logo 13
Image Source: Dribbble

14. Contrasting Font Pairings

Our brain remembers things that don’t go together. That’s why font pairings that contrast either in shape, size, or style help become the logo more recognizable.

Engineering Logo 14
Image Source: Dribbble

15. Strong Serifs

Double down on the stability and strength of your engineering business by using sturdy serifs that can handle a powerful image.

Engineering Logo 15
Image Source: Dribbble

16. Think Of The Layout

The side-by-side layout where the logo icon is on one side and the type on the next helps create an easy reading pattern. Our eyes move from left to right and hence we spot the image quite quickly.

Engineering Logo 16
Image Source: LogoPond

17. A Pop Of Color

It is the oldest trick in the book but still works like a charm. A pop of color in other wise dark logo makes that one part shine like a beacon.

Engineering Logo 17
Image Source: LogoPond

18. A Clean And Confident Font

When you choose a sans serif font but still want it to have a commanding presence, reduce its height and increase the width.

Engineering Logo 18
Image Source: LogoPond

19. Diverse & Authentic

Do not be afraid to show your roots through your logo design. The changing social climate has made it increasingly possible for brands to tell their authentic stories.

Engineering Logo 19
Image Source: LogoPond

20. Structure In Your Design

What better way to show that you are a structural design engineer than by using building drawings to structure your logo!

Engineering Logo 20
Image Source: LogoPond

So, What Do You Think?

We hope you are feeling inspired by the amazing work our designer colleagues have been doing. To see more brand identity designs for engineering firms, head over to our engineering logo gallery now.

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