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He Loves Vintage, She Likes Modern: How To Decide For The Perfect Wedding Monogram? -

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Too many times has this happened, and so will it continue, to be a tough call for every about-to-be-married couple – the one and ultimate task of merging together varied tastes and ideas into a unique, yet, harmonized wedding. From venue decoration to invitation cards, everything has to reflect the two souls tying the sacred knot.

For marriage, understanding and communication happen to be the key ingredients for a successful long term commitment. Like they say, it’s not about looking at the same things that indicates a strong bond. Rather, it’s about looking at different things with one view and showing respect and love for each other.

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This means that he could sip steaming hot coffee and she could eat a pine apple ice cream, enjoying a spring evening, holding hands together. Cozy, right?

Similarly, if you find such a partner with whom you can picture a cozy evening, although his likes and dislikes are potentially different from yours; you could still be a great couple. If you two have the hots for each other then be positive and know that his Beatles collection and you Jazzy Blues will find a way to complement each other.

Right! Having said that, let’s suppose you find your perfect man who is deeply and madly in love with you, just the way you are with him, but wait….you guys are deciding cutlery for the wedding and he wants something whacky or modern? When you guys choose the wedding cake; he goes for a completely different flavor? He feels constipated when you show him the wedding pinners you must follow?

Modern Monograms

Modern Monogram Modern Monogram

Vintage Monograms

Vintage Monogram
Vintage Monogram

The most mind-boggling of arguments occur when a couple has to choose their wedding monogram. You may love the same cake but what monogram are you going to decorate it with? Will it be created by the cake artist or purchased separately as a wedding cake monogram topper? May be, you wouldn’t agree on where to buy it from! If you do find best resources to buy wedding cake monograms and toppers, you may disagree on the actual monogram.

Here is what more you can do other than compromising out of love for each other:

• Hire a Professional:

The best way to arrange things is, of course, by hiring a wedding planner. If you can’t afford one for the whole wedding, you can seek out professional help from the people who are going to print the invitations. They will guide you through the decision-making process and explain what goes best with what in the light of the overall wedding theme.

• Share the tasks

Every about-to-be-married couple needs to keep a checklist! But, if you’re unable to agree on particular tasks, maybe you could both designate certain responsibilities to each other and stick to them only. Let the one with better aesthetics deal with choosing the best monogram design; even if it’s the guy with a better sense of fonts and colors. If you both qualify for this work, you wouldn’t even need my counsel to agree on a wedding monogram.

Etsy offers a wide range of Wedding Task Planners! 😉

• Create Your Own Logo (Use an Online Logo Maker)

If you both have different things in mind, e.g. the guy wants a change of font and neutralized colors and the girl wants something pretty with minimal design; you guys can create a few interesting monograms yourself with the help of an efficient online logo maker. Most good logo design and logo making websites would offer you inspiration by showcasing wedding monogram on invitation cards. Once you have executed a few ideas yourself, you would certainly realize the limitations and give more thought to your partner’s suggestions.

Here are some examples from our DesignMantic Library: (Sign-up Now!)

Online Logo Maker Online-Logo-Maker-2

Give Up!

Sigh! If all else fails to help, you have only solution left; i.e. simply give up on choosing a single wedding monogram.

Make a variety of monograms to be used on the wedding paraphernalia so that both of you feel better about it. You will ultimately receive feedback from friends and family, and the next time you guys have to choose a monogram design; may be, let the one with better reviews choose. It’s no longer about you and me; it has to be an ‘us’ now. Your tastes may be different, but if you two are sensible and genuinely care about one another, you’d focus on the bigger picture; that is, your happily ever after.

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