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Why Is Branding So Important In This Decade? -

Why Is Branding So Important

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Branding is an integral part of any business; research shows that every successful business has its foundation laid on its unique brand. Brand is a major part of your marketing plan. The purpose is to make it easier for the customers to relate your brand to the particular product or service that you are to offer them. Similarly your company name, logo and brand are not just mere symbols but the picture that comes to the customers’ mind when they require the service or product you offer. It engages their attention and attraction.Creating a brand is not where you win, it takes more than that. Sermonize your brand logo; exhort it to your target market as much as it takes. Before doing so what you need to do is understand that a logo and brand is important even for a small store so as to satisfy your investments because it might reach to quite a number of zeros.

1. Your Business Logo

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Brands enable customers to remember your product or service, and that is where logo and branding work together. A brand consists of many components that must all integrate into a seamless, functional whole. We, humans are fond of remembering most of what we see; what we see somehow stays in our subconscious. For that simple reason, companies that want their branding to succeed put a lot of effort and huge amounts of money into making a logo. Widely, logos are considered the most important component of a branding strategy or campaign. Importance of logo in branding can be further simplified as:

  • Frontline Representation – A logo is considered as the frontline representative for a business. It provides the business with an image and it should be able to convey the message clearly.
  • Memory – It tends to happen so many times that you see a person and you can recall that you have seen them before but actually don’t remember them, similarly customer tends to remember a logo rather than the name of the company. A simple and good looking logo will often be easier to remember than the name of a product.
  • Uniqueness – Don’t only make your logo look the best but also make it unique so that it is easier for the customers to differentiate it, of course you do not want to confuse them. Make it look different because it’s not just a logo it’s the identity of your company which stakes your company’s credibility.

A brand doesn’t only need to have a logo, but as a matter of fact, a massive component of it turning out to be the touch point for the customers. The ability to be noticeable, to be remembered by customers, and to be the representation of the product and company are all discerning elements of a good branding strategy. These are also functions that a good logo can be used for.

2. The Customer and Brand Bonding

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Brands build customer loyalty and lead to repeat purchases. It resides within the hearts and minds of the customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot. You need to understand the underlying needs and wants of your customers and prospects. You do this by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every point of public contact. These three cues might help you understand better about creating brand loyalty.
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  • Connection with Customers
    In today’s world consumers don’t only seek a product but they are looking for an experience, so premium brands offer a sensory package. BMW has really hit the mark on a sensory package–it’s the feel, the sound, the smell that let you know you’re behind the wheel of the ultimate driving machine. As brands are battling for higher affinity, it has become fundamental to connect and engage with your customers on a regular basis.
  • Anticipate Needs
    Starting off with selling is not a good call. What you need to do is identify what your customers want because now customers look for the next level of experience. Give them special treatment because the customer is king; provide them with incentives because they love it. These customers tend to be more profitable and most probably will stay loyal to your brand.
  • Consistently Deliver High Quality
    When we say premium, naturally we are talking about quality. A quality product will land you customers, but brand loyalty is created by consistency. Keeping consistency in deliverance is reassuring and helps keep your business on top. An overwhelmed customer stays loyal and keeps your profits consistently higher and the formula to it is easy: just over all give them good quality and experience better than what they anticipate.

3. Referrals

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This is about making your brand talk-able. Brands make it easier for current clients or customers to refer your brand to others. It is very well known that advertising is not a trustworthy marketing tactic as much as word-of-mouth, which makes it important that your brand should create positive impact on the customers. To accomplish these two simple tasks, first of all convey to the customers your importance and why your business is unique. You need to tell them why your brand is exciting and how it is more important than any other brand. Once you are done with the story telling, then start the task of listening.Listen to your customers always, and make sure that your brand has a starring role in the conversations of your customers. Listen to them however and whenever possible. Find ways to connect with them to get their feedback more often.

4. Value Added

Brands add value! By this I mean add something different to your service that no one in the market is offering. For that, you need to go the extra mile and do something so spectacular which is not part of your business. Go out of your routine to serve the customers by keeping them your highest priority. Be in sight of your customers as often as possible to remind them about your values and working strategically with them. Your customers should always be convinced that you are the best in providing that certain product or service. Reward customer loyalty and keep trying new, innovative ideas.The above mentioned pointers can help you keep your existing customers while reaching out to the new ones, creating a bigger clientele for you. What other reasons can you think of that makes branding important for your business? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Branding is an integral part of the business building process. Large corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollar building their brand. But you don’t need to ignore branding just because you feel that you cannot afford it.

  2. Good post. Branding is main thing in business. Creating corporate identity, branding strategy as per business is the main activity in branding.

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