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10 Kinds Of Businesses That Can Confidently Own A Communication Logo -

The communication industry is a vast enough universe. It encompasses a huge range of various businesses that – in one way or another – handle the exchange of information, ideas, and words. These businesses can be anything from a PR firm to a talent management firm, from an advertising company to a corporate communication company, and from a news firm to blog posts, podcasts, and other digital communiqué outlets.

What all these diverse businesses have in common is the transmission of information that’s central to each of these unique services. Therefore, as a new graphic designer, you may think designing unique visual identities for these different services can have shared themes as their services are similar.

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To some extent, you’ll be right. However, if you do not try to distinguish each of these distinct business operations separately in your various projects, you may end up with a very short designer career and some very unhappy clients. The fact is, their very similarities pose a unique challenge as they ask you to avoid falling into a rut and be imaginative in your approach to create unique visual marks for all these different companies.

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In this post, you will see the top 10 kinds of businesses that can use a communication logo design as a central theme in their larger branding strategy. Upon this central theme, you can create imaginative work, use creative imagery, and think of new ways to present existing information.

Another thing that you have to nail while creating communication logo designs. While all kinds of businesses need a brand logo that is an exact representation of the work they do, for a communication business it becomes fundamentally more important. Reason? A communication business by its very nature is all about a clear and effective exchange of ideas. And if its logo fails to be anything less than exactly clear, well, you’ve got a design/branding crisis at your hand.

So, polish your design skills up and continue reading to find out the ten different kinds of business that can confidently rock a communication logo image.

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