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10 Best Cursive Fonts To Style Your Beauty Logo -

Fonts are essential branding elements that can make or break a logo. The right typeface can elevate your logo, while a poor choice can ruin the whole thing. Deciding what typeface to choose for your beauty logo is more than just a personal taste. It has to be strategic because the right font choice gives your brand message the traction it needs.

There are thousands of fonts – free as well as customized – available for graphic designers online. But knowing which one to choose can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the trade. Therefore, in this infographic, we are simplifying the process for you a little bit.

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While there are tons of Serif and Sans Serif fonts that help create remarkable beauty logo, we feel Cursives have got something unique to offer. Cursive fonts have this innate femininity and delicate textures that do justice to beautiful imagery. What’s more, the Cursive fonts look unmistakably handwritten. What this means for your beauty brand is that it makes you seem more approachable, friendlier, and charming.

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Below, you will find a list of 10 cursive fonts that we’ve put together for you. All of these are customized fonts, created by graphic designers that can elevate the whole look of your brand and amplify the message you’re trying to send. From trendy beauty spas to more classy hair salon centers, these fonts help you give the best finishing touches to your beauty logo design.

What’s more, as you start working on these fonts, you can also alter them subtly to make sure they give you the exact look of the logo that you want. As you keep evolving as a graphic designer, these fonts help you create pieces that differentiate your work from the rest. Investing in custom Script typography does not only make good business sense, but it also gives more font-variety to your work.  It also helps you understand typefaces better and enables you to learn how to use your design knowledge to enhance the uniqueness of your logo design for beauty blogs or brands.

Best Cursive Fonts

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