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10 Logos That Haven’t Changed Much: That Stood the Trials of Time -

What is it about famous brands that compels you to recognize them instantly even with the most allusive of references? In fact, it wouldn’t be too wrong if I asked what it is that makes them famous in the first place. The quality of their product? Of course. Their customer service? To a great extent. But, what is that one indispensable component of their marketing campaign that sets the ground for their future progress and popularity? Most of our regular audience should now be mature enough to pin point a sensibly designed brand logo.

I hope you did not miss the emphasis on ‘sensibly designed’ because negative the sense in it and you are left with only a meaningless burden on a company’s identity. That’s what famous brand logo shifts teach us too every now and then, that we should strive to acquire a relevant and perfectly designed logo for our businesses; but, if the mark is missed, don’t hesitate in getting a revamp.

With corporations as huge as Shell and McDonald’s, we see a trend of accommodating pertinent changes in their logo identities. It’s important because it keeps them significant to the evolving tastes and sensibilities of the audiences of a particular time period. Their marketing strategies also inform us that it is sometimes better to give time to your logo in case it’s too unique and let the audience grow a notch up. They also make us realize that having confidence in your execution of ideas is just as important because you are the one who knows best about your brand, and ultimately, you’re just informing the rest of the world about what you have to offer. You tell them how they should perceive you and your brand. So, if you are consciously introducing a major element in your logo design, you better stick to it for a long time.  

In a smartly constructed logo, you won’t be implementing a complete overhaul till you are probably merging with another company or something. Here we have a compiled 10 famous brand logos that stood the trials of time in a detailed infographic. You will see how far the featured logo identities went between their first and current logo designs. Also notice that the current logos were last revamped long time ago.

Now, we would like to know your opinion about which of these famous logo designs need yet another revamp? Let us know!

10 Logos That Havent Changed Much

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