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16 Design Quotes: Nuggets of Wisdom For Budding Graphic Designers! -

Design is something that defines the brand and an articulate designer is the one who makes the design stand out in the crowd with his approach and attention to details.

For all the budding designers out there who want to take the tech world by storm, the possibilities are endless given how creative you might think and how you perceive the idea of being a graphic designer.

To be on top of the game, a designer needs to be a critical thinker, a persistent perfectionist and knows how to play with images. All in all, he is an eloquent person whose fluency lies in converging a plethora of ideas into a mainstream so to avoid any illusions in the final body.

Be Meaningful Design Quote

Designing is all about thinking like a maniac, not like an average being. Critical thinking is a way to go and to achieve that one has to look at the world with different perspective. And satisfaction is the answer here for constant struggle with the ideas to the extent of satisfaction is the key to success.


With the market getting more competitive with each passing day and the competition getting tougher, the job of designer is getting harder. A smart designer understands the evolution of technology, the right usage of graphic tools and has the proper knowledge of market trends.

There have been a lot of inspirational quotes to stoke your design. Joe Stewart, global creative director at digital agency Huge, says,

“Almost every object in your life that you love has been designed: your spoon, your pen, that light bulb, your phone, your favourite website, it’s all a product of design. Design changes the world every day. Design, as a medium, has the power to make people’s lives better, easier, more connected, more enjoyable. Never forget that design counts.”

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Keep in mind that learning how to design is not a one-day job. It’s a gradual process where one has to be patient with the inflow of ideas and should welcome any inputs from others. Never take things for granted and do not make designs in a haste for that can damage your rapport.

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