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10 Moods Every Designer Can Relate To! -

There is no shortage of the emotions that we as human beings feel as children or adults. Everything from the clothes that we wear to the food that we eat and the people we meet, either at school or at work, are elemental to how we react and respond in every waking moment of our lives. More importantly, our moods help us to learn and understand ourselves better so that we can communicate better with others and get past hurdles that impede our progress to success.

The creative industry is one of many areas where people, experience a variety of mood swings that play a huge part in their work life. One such group of creative folk that expresses themselves in virtually every manner conceivable are designers. From afar, designing may seem like a fun and inspirational field, but the process behind a design is nothing to take lightly of.

Designing a particular logo for one client involves hours of deciding the most versatile font, meeting up with the client’s various expectations, strict deadlines and then making sudden last-minute changes. But having to do so for a number of clients daily is severely daunting and strenuous. With a demanding work cycle like that, there is hardly any moment to breathe or think about leisure activities, or even make time to casually hang out with friends, better halves or even families.

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Perhaps the only moment of respite for a designer is a sweet night’s rest, which sadly only lasts for like 4-5 hours, but even then they are thinking and planning about their next 10 assignments in advance and studying their competition. Sometimes, it leads to a point where designers are seriously contemplating or reconsidering their career choices. Unless one has the passion for innovation and is extremely dedicated and flexible, there is no way anyone can be thrilled about working as a designer.

In this article, we have procured a list of the 10 most common moods that every designer can relate to. We are not ones to tell you what is best for your life, but if you are an aspiring designer yourself, then we sincerely hope that after going through this piece, you have a clearer picture of what is in store for you.

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Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. He has been working in the social media space since 2008, with a focus on design services, user interface planning, branding and more. Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns. Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects.

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