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8 Ways To Fail At Logo Designing -

Undoubtedly, a logo is the most imperative aspect of a brand to get right if you want to captivate the audience and imprint a lasting impression of the brand on their minds. A logo is intended to portray what the company does at a glance and flaunt the personality of a brand. Therefore, every designer aspires to master the art of crafting a memorable logo that is hard to overlook!

However, there are a plethora of probable pitfalls when you start envisioning a unique brand identity for your business or that of your clients; whether it’s a hideous logo or an abrasive online presence, there are plenty of lapses in brand judgment that can reduce the identity of a business to crumbles. We have all seen our fair share of questionable, sometimes downright preposterous, logo choices, only to shake our heads, laugh our heads off, and hope that someone with a better insight takes charge of the designing venture next time. Sometimes it’s an absurd icon choice, an incomprehensible symbol leaving much to imagination, a hilarious design interpretation gone wrong, a gaudy style fad, or worst still, the logo being a far cry from representing the essence of the company.


The fact is that we all have them; logo designs that we would like to hide in oblivion or take back. Some can be attributed to a lack of understanding or a bad design brief, others are purely inexplicable. The good news is that it is not hard to avoid design mistakes; the bad news is that almost all logo designers fall into one of these traps at some points in their career. Here are the 8 most common mistakes that are causing your logo designs to elicit “tut-tuts” and a few disapproving head shakes from the audience:

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Evan is an Expert in Digital Marketing. He has been working in the social media space since 2008, with a focus on design services, user interface planning, branding and more. Currently, he is leading content marketing efforts at DesignMantic and has played an integral part in the success story of DesignMantic through strategic marketing campaigns. Evan is also a design pro, who has shown a predilection towards DIY design projects.

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