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Fresh and Funny Personalized Wedding T-Shirt Ideas -

Weddings are tricky. They can be as exciting as the next Johnny Depp flick; and yet, sometimes, they bore us to death like a Nicolas Cage comedy. That is why, the fun weddings usually consist of various arrangements where the guests, and, especially, the couple tying the knot, are treated in an extra special manner. For instance, at certain weddings, we are offered sweetly decorated favor bags, masks, personalized t-shirts, and so on.

One of the best features of such weddings are the funky and romantic wedding t-shirts. Couples usually get their families and bridesmaids/best men customized shirts with their wedding monograms imprinted on them. Alternatively, they opt for funny illustrations and one-liners to stand-out among the rest, just as they like on their sports jerseys. For either options, though, they need to learn the art of choosing perfect fonts and colors, and put their creative juices to best use while coming up with a unique and witty remark.

Now, there are innumerable online guides for up-to-date wedding color trends to help out the future brides and grooms. However, you won’t find information and advice consolidated in a single slideshare that could show you real examples, all at one place. Hope our little effort helps you in attaining your dream wedding; one that will be cherished by you and your guests equally.

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Azmat Batool is an Online Reputation Management Pro and Blogger. Her writings focus on providing wedding resources for would-be couples, lifestyle hacks, brand management, and awareness on feminism, using a variety of sites to leverage her voice. She is also a fashion enthusiast and loves to write about latest fashion trends.

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