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Typesetting: The Art Of Placing Text On A Page -

Mastering which fonts to use is merely the first of many steps that go into graphic designing. You also need to learn about tracking, kerning and leading among other elements that go into typography. Those are highly essential elements to consider if you want to create seamless web interfaces or memorable logo designs for your business association.

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And then there is typesetting, which is the composition of written material on type. In order words, it is to ensure that the font type, size and color compliment the background colors and images, e it a website, a brochure, professional logo design or a business card.

The traditional definition of typesetting involves the composition of text in which physical font types were arranged. But now digital typesetting has taken a whole new spin on the term when used by graphic designers. The main priority in typesetting is to ensure the whole piece is completely legible without coming off as confusing to the viewer.

Why Is Typesetting Challenging?

Typesetting often comes off as more challenging because you have to account of the grammar, punctuation as well as the consistency of the type. It’s like music where it takes one years to be able to master it and turn it into their own signature style.

Seasoned designers on the other hand, especially those with years of prior experience and exposure are able to determine the originators of a typesetting style. This is the thing that differentiates rookies from professional designers.

Sadly, those who are starting to experiment with typewriting are going to be spending quite the bit of time until they get the knack of it. But that’s okay because you will have all the time you need to better your skills in corporate service logo design, print design, graphics and more. However, we understand that simply telling you this isn’t going to be enough, so we’re going to have to show you.

Let’s Get Started

To better explain our point, we’ve put together a video that concisely explains the dos and don’ts of typesetting and how you can tell a good type from a bad one in a modern logo. Learning all of these will definitely boost the flow of your website’s traffic and improve its conversion rate.

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