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Wedding Invitation Wording & Etiquette -

Wedding Invitation

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Are you getting married? If yes then your work is not to just sit and relax. You have got a lot to worry because family matters, arrangements and wedding preparations are not done in a day. In fact, you will have to know about elegant wedding monogram and invitation norms. Design and layout are just one aspect of wedding invitation. There are many other things that are equally important. Now go ahead and ask things in your mind. I bet you would be anxious to do that…eh?

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• Is the Wedding Invitation important?

Ssshh.. Make sure no one hears this. Do you want to live? Yes? Okay. That is better. But can you tell what made you ask such question? For better or for worse, you are about to be bounded by a relation so think wisely.

Wedding invitations are very important. You thought that just because mobile phones and gadgets are there you will not need to give invitation through cards? That is not true. Let me tell you the correct way. The right way to do this is by giving letters to people to attend your wedding. Because it is your duty and responsibility being the host, the invitation letters should be exceptionally great. All your cousins, friends and social circle should be invited.

• Ok, what choices do I have for invitation?

You could either get it hand-written or in a printed form. You also have the option to get it done from spreadsheets but I strongly suggest not opting for that. A well designed, invitation letter has a 100 times greater worth!

• Okay… Next?

Man! You are too much! Why this attitude? Okay now listen carefully. These things are really important in your invitation card so make sure not to miss.

  • Include bride and groom name
  • Mention the important hosts’ names
  • Give the day, the time and location of your wedding
  • When writing recipients’ names, be careful to address widows by “Mrs.”
  • Traditionally the word “and” is used between names of couple getting married.
  • Stack the hosts’ and guests’ names
  • In your invitation, when you use the phrase “request the honor of your presence”, remember that it only refers to places of worship or church.
  • Often the wedding ceremonies and receptions are held at the same place. If this is the case with your wedding then here is the tip to save money. You can add “Reception to follow” or “Dinner to follow” in the end of your invitation.

• Hmm… I understand! Any examples?

Good, you are on the right rack now. Okay here are some examples for you.

1. If you are keeping the wedding in a church and it is being hosted by your parents then

2. If you are keeping the wedding somewhere else apart from church and is being hosted by your parents then

3. If you are keeping the wedding somewhere other than the church and being kept by both sides parents, means the bride and groom then

4. If you want to give a less formal invitation message then it would be something like this. (Note that it would be from bride and groom’s perspective)

5. If you are a bride and wedding is being hosted by divorced parents that your invitation for a church would be like this.

Include the names in separate lines like this.

Now that you have understood some general means of invitation, go ahead and make preparations for your big day. Make sure that your designs are perfect.

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