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5 Valentine’s Day Wedding Tips: Tie The Love Knot! -

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Valentine’s Day is synonymous with love and romance. It’s no wonder why people choose this hallmark occasion to get engaged or even married. According to the U.S. census report, about 10% of the total 2.6 million Americans who tie the knots annually propose to their better-halves on a Valentine’s Day. Many celebrities also chose this special day of love to get hitched including Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, as well as Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington and Jenisa Washington.

The Day marked by affection is approaching fast, and as always, it stirs up thoughts of love and romance. It is the perfect holiday for couples to celebrate their love. Many couples want to keep the romantic theme of the day alive by planning their wedding in a way that coincides with the heated romance this day. While, you may enjoy planning a Valentine’s Day themed wedding, it often requires a little extra preparation and arrangements. Are you planning your big day on this valentine’s? We provide you some tips to spice up the glamour and allure for a memorable Valentine’s Day wedding.

• The Best plan to Fall in Love is “No Plan”!

As Valentine’s Day is very popular for expressing love and initiating a relationship, make sure that you book the venue ASAP. You will be competing with many other for the same locations, caterers and entertainers. It is a bride v/s groom day, for the groom it might be merely about showing up at the day and say “I do”, for the bride it involves major decisions. So, do not delay in putting your wedding plans in motion; you may not be able to reserve the venue of your desire later on, especially, if you are having it on the Valentine’s Day. Make it your top priority to create lists of all the chores that you need to prepare for; such as, guest lists, vendors’ list and so on.

• Invite Friends To Witness The Big Day!

A well-designed wedding invitation is important to start-off your Valentine’s themed wedding. The most common colors associated with the day are red, pink and white, so go for the same color scheme for your invitations. You can incorporate red roses and pink carnations to create your wedding card design. You may set a romantic tone by including a love quote such as “True love stories never have endings,” so that they would feel excited to be a part of your story’s climax.

• Defy The Ordinary With A Fairy Tale Wedding:

While deciding for the venue, choose a place that will allow you to light lots of candles; this will help you set the mood for a late evening ceremony. At the same time, find a place warm enough in February to be in a secluded garden filled with lush flowers. You can decorate it with soft lighting, flowers, candles and gauzy fabric, as you would for a romantic dinner.

Although flowers are best to add the essence of romance, red roses in February are extremely expensive. You may look for other pink and red flowers such as pink lupin, Angelique tulips and peony.

You can create a personalized monogram to pull together design elements of your wedding in a cost-effective manner. Use splashes of soft pink light to warm up a space. A great idea is to have a heart patterned gobo spot light to dress up your dance floor.

• The Joys of Red – Wedding Dress for Valentine’s!

Wearing a romantic wedding dress is essential for a Valentine’s Wedding. You may add a bit of red or pink to your gown to have a sweetly romantic look. Another option is to go for a white dress with red accents or pearl accents which looks absolutely ravishing. Wear your hair pulled back with red roses pinned into your chignon. The groom may choose to wear classic, formal tuxedos to capture the romance of Valentine’s Day, perhaps, with a light pink shirt to match the wedding colors.

• A Sweet Treat for Your Beloved!

Heat up the romance by serving decadent desserts like; chocolate cake drizzled with raspberry sauce. Another great option is to have a modern heart patterned cake embossed into white fondant. To add the hint of color in every slice, you can choose a red filling such as strawberries or red velvet cake.

A Valentine’s themed wedding can be a beautiful, memorable, event to celebrate the romance in your relationship. Such weddings are always popular and strike the right romantic notes in your love life. . Some trending wedding hashtags can be helpful for your perfect wedding preparations. So, make sure that you plan it accordingly and make it the most amazing day of your life!

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