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#GivingTuesday Roundup: 10 Most Trending Wedding Hashtags on the Roll! -

Trending Wedding Hashtags

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Hashtagging a wedding is awesome and we are completely in love with the idea of Instagramming a wedding (preps and ceremony). There are some downsides to being a social networking bride, but there are also various rewards to make you want to go down that road, such as, having your guest record every moment of the wedding and being able to see it all with only one click on either Facebook or Instagram, thanks to wedding planning apps that make life so convenient.

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Famous Wedding Hashtags Swarming The Web

With the viral rage of wedding hashtags running rampant on Twitter, we are absolutely smitten by this awesome fad which lets us sneak a glimpse into the stories that run behind each beautiful wedding. Some make us laugh our heads off, some are tear-jerkers, while others make us bite our nails in apprehension and cross our fingers for the unlucky couple. Here are some of the most viral wedding hashtags that people are falling head over heels with:

  1. #WeddingHour
  2. #WeStillComing
  3. #WeddingFail
  4. #WeddingWednesday
  5. #DressesAfterDark
  6. #BridesMaidsGoneWild
  7. #BrideToBe
  8. #FlowerGirl
  9. #Bridezilla
  10. #WeddingDay
  11. #WeddingTrends

The craze of hashtag weddings started soon after Twitter was introduced. It has now gone viral on other social networks and couples will do anything to include this in their wedding prep lists. Some are so smitten that they don’t even consider that the guests they are inviting are completely non-tech savvy. Some, on the other hand, spend hours to consider each and every aspect of using social media. This also raises question on wedding etiquettes for them because social media is the new wedding crasher. You could, for example, have issues with random guests snapping your photos and posting them right away. A new social and tech wedding survey conducted by Mashable and The reveals that couples don’t have much control over what is being shared of their weddings on social media. For that reason, thirty-one percent couples are now limiting their guests from sharing on social media. Thirty-five percent still have mixed feelings about it. Surprisingly, a large number of people, 68% to be more precise, want to see their wedding photos posted in real time.

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The survey also brings to light how much brides rely on social media for their wedding inspiration and ideas. As soon as the wedding bells ring, they frequently start visiting sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and other online wedding tools to initiate the wedding mania officially. Those tools help them along every step of the aisle way, such as, from creating unique and cost-effective wedding monograms to DIY hairstyles for the big day. Eventually, when the preps are done and the bride and groom are, it’s time to snap photos of the actual ceremony. Every ounce of effort that they put in making the wedding a success can be captured on moment to moment basis for the couple and guests alike. All the amazing wedding planning resources that they used would pay off with their friends and family appreciating every detail of the wedding for days to come.

Here is a selection of trending hashtags that can make your wedding sound just as gorgeous as you deserve. The best hashtag rules include using something that is unique and memorable and using proper signage to guide your guests. If you can achieve that, your wedding extravaganza is going to be a super success. Try using the following hashtags along with your unique ones to make it viral overall and let us know how the experience goes.

• Wedding Hashtag 1: #WeddingHour

This hashtag was introduced by The Wedding Affair in October 2012 and they still host it every wednesday betwen 9-10pm GMT. This hashtag is perfect when you want to tell the world about your wedding preparations and finding insight and creative inspiration for your wedding. Several wedding blogs and useful wedding DIY directories use it so don’t forget to check this one out.

• Wedding Hashtag 2: #WeStillComing

This is one hilarious hashtag that became famous thanks to a couple in Detroit. The phrase turned into a viral hashtag once the bride accidentally texted an invitation to a stranger and upon his acceptance tried to backtrack. The uninvited guest promises her, “We still coming.”

• Wedding Hashtag 3: #WeddingFail

You can’t appreciate the value of a good thing till you experience a few bad ones. That is just how life is. Where this hashtag reveals some slightly painful moments, it also gives them a touch of humor. One can only pray that they never have to use this for their own wedding!

• Wedding Hashtag 4: #WeddingWednesday

This is another useful hashtag that can help you find interesting stuff over the social media. It can provide you tons of creative input for the preps and photography trends. It can also provide you resource pages to attain valuable information on the right time.

• Wedding Hashtag 5: #DressesAfterDark

If you want to check out the most beautiful wedding gowns and drop-dead elegance of groom’s dresses, don’t forget to use this hashtag on your favorite social networks. This is your one perfect chance to find out what is en vogue in the wedding fashion industry.

• Wedding Hashtag 6: #BridesMaidsGoneWild

Ha ha, that is one thing we all wish to happen at our weddings, i.e. our besties cum brides maids going wild and having fun to the maximum. These are the posts that we are going recall most and so would our guests. Where you may be hesitant in showing the world your wildest moments with friends, those may be the most memorable ones remembered by them all.

• Wedding Hashtag 7: #BrideToBe

Oh, so much can be expressed and shared with this hashtag! From your catwalk practice in heels to final touches from your beautician, this hashtag is to disclose it all. You can babble all you want about the bachelorette party or about the wedding shopping experience. Nothing goes wrong with this hashtag.

• Wedding Hashtag 8: #FlowerGirl

Where you may get carried away with the selfies and bridesmaid mania, you should most definitely never forget about the little angels who become your flower girls. Most couples get special gowns or dresses for their flower girls and matching flower tiaras. You can capture it all on social media with an appropriate hashtag.

• Wedding Hashtag 9: #Bridezilla

Monster Bride? Nah, not so cool! But it could be, if you are posing for your friends on Instagram! Bridezilla hastag can be your way out when you want to vent your frustration on plan delays or any other thing going wrong during the preparation period. On the wedding day, you can simply stick out your tongue and be the wild queen the whole world failed to tame, except for your Mr. Right, right?

• Wedding Hashtag 10: #WeddingDay

Aww, so now that the wedding hour is near and it is your wedding day, do get ready to use this hashtag with couple selfies and lovey dovey poses with your spouse. Wedding day is, after all, your big day and you would want to capture it all – even on the social media.

Bonus: #WeddingTrends

If you want to explore about the wedding trends of 2016 then you need to focus on particular hashtags to fetch you interesting details and updates regarding them. Similarly, #WeddingTrends will help you gather all the information you need to know about different trends related to wedding.

Tell us if you hashtagged your wedding, and if you did not, tell us why. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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  1. I think the wording in the Hashtag No 1 #weddinghour is incorrect, that should be for the Hashtag No 2 #WeStillComing… The Wedding Affair originated #weddinghour in October 2012 and still hosts #weddinghour every Wednesday evening between 9-10pm GMT. Hope you can change this for us.. Thanks Lisa Hogg, Director of The Wedding Affair (UK) Ltd

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