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Why Car Finance Logos Are Blue Or Green? -

Car Finance Logo

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Importance Of Color Psychology

Any graphic designer or marketing professional worth their salt will tell you the importance of colors in marketing and branding. Colors convey a specific message to people; they invoke certain emotions and feelings which are mostly situated in the subconscious realm of the mind. This means, that even when your potential customer is consciously only really focused in selecting the best product that is worth their money, or the best service, they are also taking in the subliminal messages put forth by your branding colors and are making decisions based on that as well.

This is why have a consistently ingrained color psychology in your logo design is essential. Logo colors help build your brands ‘image’ because people associate certain traits and characteristics with those colors. In this article we are going to discuss why car finance logo designs prefer the use of blues and greens, and what messages you can hope to convey with these colors if you choose to go down this color combination route.


You will often come across car finance logos that utilize the color blue. And this is not only true of auto finance companies, but also of the whole finance sector. Banks, investment firms, insurance companies and any other finance related businesses prefer the use of blue in their logos because blue elicits a natural response of trust in people. If you are an auto finance company, here is how using blue in your logo can help you out.

Meaning of The Color Blue

You Want To Convey Authority & Leadership

Blue is just as much the color of nature as green or brown. You see the blue in the sky and in water bodies, and everyone can vouch for blue making them feel a sense of awe and power. This is because humans associate the color blue with huge spans in nature; the sky and the oceans. And the sheer sprawl of these two things inspires a sense of authority and power in us; we cannot scale the skies, neither can we control the oceans. However, the subtle point about the kind of authority inspired by blue is that it is a calming authority. It is not dominance, instead, it is leadership, and it is guidance and direction. This is why we naturally look to the sky for guidance through emotional turmoil or even for physical navigation. This is why we find sitting by an ocean a guiding experience in soul searching.

As a motor finance company logo, you want to inspire this kind of authority in your customers. You want them to feel safe in your leadership, and that you can guide them through the uncharted financial matters of their lives, and sort things out for them.

Blue Car Finance Logo

In all of these logos, blue is the predominant color because the companies chose to particularly stick to messages put forth by shades of blue. These sky blue logos invoke a sense of leadership, professionalism, and trust.

The Psychology of Blue Color in Car Finance

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You Want To Convey Reliability & Trust

Another thing you want your customers to feel is your reliability. When something is about money, people want to know they can trust you. That they can trust your knowledge, your expertise, your service and your delivery. When your customers are coming to you for car loans, they want to feel secure in the terms and conditions of this business exchange, they want to feel secure in the advice you provide them with and they want to feel a security and trust about the delivery of the end result –their dream of a car. Blue is an ideal color to convey all these feelings. This is why you will also see government sector logos making use of the color blue in their branding –because blue is invariably linked to trust.

Car Finance Logo In Blue

You Want To Convey Professionalism

And finally, another important message blue can help you convey is the message of professionalism. From start to end, all of your marketing, branding and image creation should revolve around this specific trait. Conveying professionalism conveys a feeling of expertise and knowledge, which in turn leads to a feeling of trust. This is why car salesmen are dressed to the nine –to impress the feeling of professionalism on the customer. Well, the same feeling should flow in your professional car logos. Your logo is going to make its way onto business cards, onto letterheads, marketing boards, websites and a lot more. To convey an invariable sense of professionalism, make use of blue.

Blue Auto Finance Logo

If you look at the logos above, you will realize a lot of design elements are coming together to give the feeling of professionalism and one of the elements is the color blue. For a second, imagine substituting blue with red; do you see the difference in your mind’s eye? The automobile logo would no longer feel inviting, professional and reliable. Instead, it might even give you an uncomfortable feeling!


Another important color used in car finance logos is green. While you may see blue being used as the only color in auto finance logos, this will rarely be the case with green. Car Finance Logos utilize green in conjunction with the color blue. This is because on its own green can give a confusing message; it might be mistaken for an environmentalist message. However sometimes you will see green being used on its own too, and that will happen when the logo has taglines and other symbols that can clarify the message so it’s not confusing anymore. For example, here this logo is monochrome; it utilizes green color only.

Green Auto Finance Logo

When you are using green, you are emphasizing these three messages in your logos.

Meaning of The Color Green

The Message Of Wealth

Green equals wealth –hands down the most important message you want to convey with your logo design! We associate green with the green dollar bills, with the wealthy green leprechaun that has a pot of gold, and with also the general abundance of resources of Mother Earth. Green is a color that gives a message of richness, abundance, wealth and money. And it does so in a positive way. It says there are enough wealth and richness to go around for everybody in the world. This is an important message to instill in your green logo design. You want your customers to know that the path to their financial betterment lies with you. And there is enough goodness in the world for everyone; they too can cash in their dreams and purchase their dream car, because you have abundant opportunities for them!

Green Car Finance Logo

The Psychology of Green Color in Car Finance


Green also gives a message of growth and prosperity. When people come to you for car finance, they want to know their life and finances will grow towards betterment, and their lives will grow towards prosperity. Because green is the color of nature, of trees and leaves, of things that grow, we naturally associate it with growth. When we look at something green, we feel it has the potential to grow bigger, better and larger. This is what your customers hope to feel in their relationship with you and green emphasizes these messages perfectly.

Lease2Buy Logo

For example, this Lease2Buy logo references a form of growth. That through the financial process of Lease2Buy, you end up going towards a kind of prosperity; which is having your car’s ownership.


And finally, green is also a color of relaxation and peace. The reason for this is very physical and scientific. Our retina is able to focus directly on the color green without having to involve too many processes. This is why green is physically soothing for our body, and what is physically soothing is also mentally soothing.

Matters of wealth and finance can cause people to get jittery and confused. They feel anxious about their prospects, and it is important you make your customers feel at ease. A great way of doing this is by bringing in some green in your logo. Because green also gives a message of growth, it just compounds the already peaceful nature of this color. Reference harmony and peace by using green in your automotive logo.

Don’t Shy Away From Other Colors If You Can Make It Work

There is no black and white right or wrong in graphic design. If you can make it work and if you can justify it well, you have the free reign to use any primary color or complementary color you might like. Just remember one thing though; your customer should be able to get the exact message from your design that you intended to put forward, and not something else. If they interpret it differently, you might have done something wrong.

So what are your thoughts on using blue and green in your car finance logos? Let us know!

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