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20 Favorite Fonts Of Construction Logos: Take Your Pick -

Construction Logos

Featured Image: iStock/sesame

Fonts are important logo design elements. The right font can elevate the overall impact of your logo design, while a poorly chosen one can break the whole thing apart. In addition to fonts matching the rest of the logo, they must also match the relevant industry.

Choosing the right logo for construction businesses can be tricky. You are limited to only using straight, solid fonts with rarely anything Script-based or hand-drawn included in the design. Reason: construction, building, and repair industry is highly structural. Think of geometric shapes, measurements, and mathematics. For such a purpose-driven industry, you need straight clean fonts that are legible, scalable, and must match the weight of the icon/symbol in the logo.

Another important thing to remember when choosing a construction font is to remain minimal in your choice. Don’t go for multiple fonts in the same logo. Two are enough. However, we suggest using just one font and a variation of it to add hierarchy to the design.

Below, we have brought to you a list of 20 unique fonts (free and paid) to up your construction logo game. Take your pick!

1. Liberal Ultra Bold

Construction Logo 1
Image Source: Behance

2. YWFT Yoke Regular

Construction Logo 2
Image Source: Behance

3. Rolphie 04 Semibold Expd

Construction Logo 3
Image Source: Behance

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4. Maiandra GD

Construction Logo 4
Image Source: Behance

5. Moskau Grotesk ExtraBold

Construction Logo 5
Image Source: Behance

6. Marcellus

Construction Logo 6
Construction logo with line icon

7. Trajan Bold

Construction Logo 7
Brick wall logo for construction companies

8. Oregon LDO

Construction Logo 8
Hexagon shape with crane logo

9. Comfortaa

Construction Logo 9
Construction equipment logo in orange

10. Regencie

Construction Logo 10
Tile logo for construction businesses

11. FM Bolyar Sans Pro 800

Construction Logo 11
Image Source: Dribbble

12. LFT Etica SemiBold

Construction Logo 12
Image Source: Dribbble

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13. Olifant

Construction Logo 13
Image Source: Dribbble

14. VVE Giallo Light

Construction Logo 14
Image Source: Dribbble

15. Pani Sans Thin

Construction Logo 15
Image Source: Dribbble

16. Hailen Font Duo Caps

Construction Logo 16
Image Source: LogoPond

17. Hermann Ultra Bold

Construction Logo 17
Image Source: LogoPond

18. Lagu Sans Black

Construction Logo 18
Image Source: LogoPond

19. M Sung PRC Light

Construction Logo 19
Image Source: LogoPond

20. YWFT Reversion ExtraBold

Construction Logo 20
Image Source: LogoPond

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The Takeaway

As you can see, choosing the right construction logo font can be a delicate task. You have to pick a style that is easily readable across different platforms – websites, social media profile, business cards, banners, etc. Similarly, the font must also be solid, of enough weight, and add fine details to your overall design.

Hope our collection will help you creating a well-balanced and striking construction logo image, complete with the most appropriate font choice.

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