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The Art of Colors In Construction Logo Design: Color Palettes That Work! -

Construction Logo Color Palettes

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Colors are interesting logo design features. Due to cultural associations, cognition, and programmed and otherwise conditionings, they can communicate a wealth of meaning. When applied to logo designs of industries that are all about calculations and geometry – construction logo design, for example – colors add much-needed character and personality to businesses and brands.

Construction Logo Maker

Today, we embark on a tour to find the best construction color palette for your next design project.

We’ll talk about the meanings behind colors, the moods different colors ignite in us, and how color psychology helps us choose the most perfect shades for our architect logos, general contractor logos, or logos for any other profession within this vast industry.

Use the information we provide here, then go explore our construction logo maker to see how you can apply these tips there.

Best Color Ideas for a Construction Logo Design

What are some of the good colors for a construction company logo? How do we combine construction fonts with our color choices so that not only do our logo designs look harmonious but also exciting and attractive?

Let’s find it all out.

1. Black + Orange + Olive + White

Black + Orange + Olive + White

Color Scheme Psychology:

  • Portrays mystery, sophistication, and power
  • Symbolic of protection, class, and formality
  • Also means death and mourning in some cultures or instances

As you browse through construction logo ideas, you’ll see that black emerges as the top color by the industry. It’s strong, stable, neutral, and conveys a sense of seriousness and maturity. No wonder handymen, construction workers, and others in the industry favor this.

When creating construction logo icons, you want to use black as the primary color in your construction color palette. White and grey are your dependable choices as accent colors. They’ll give the logo more depth and dimension.

Alternatively, you can also introduce a modern edge to your black logo by adding some bright colors like yellow, orange, green, and even purple to the logo.

Construction Logo Design 1
Monotone steel logo design for construction

Construction Logo Design 2
Image Source: Behance

Construction Logo Design 3
Image Source: Dribbble

2. Blue + Rust + Honey + White

Blue + Rust + Honey + White

Color Scheme Psychology:

  • Conveys credibility, reliability, and trust
  • A symbol of strength, peace, and subtle luxury
  • As a color of nature, inspires calm and confidence in people

While most other colors either excite or neutralize your emotions, blue keeps the waters calm. It is not just a favorite of color in construction but is well-liked across cultures, genders, societies, and markets. Blue is one of the most used colors in logo designs of all kinds.

Used as a construction color, the blue logo design instills a sense of serenity in the design. Blue is also a synonym for trustworthiness, dependability, and security – emotions that potential clients will look for in contractors they trust with their money and property.

Mixing in warmer shades like rust and honey will create an exciting color palette, with white giving it the clarity to function.

Construction Logo Design 4
Machine logo in blue color

Construction Logo Design 5
Image Source: Behance

Construction Logo Design 6
Image Source: Dribbble

3. Red + Yellow + Grey + Brown

Red + Yellow + Grey + Brown

Color Scheme Psychology:

  • Passionate, exciting, and youthful
  • Daring, a risk-taker, unafraid of attention
  • Energetic, strong, and powerful

Red is the most exciting color of the bunch. In your construction color palette, it’s will be attention-grabbing and ensure your logo stands out among the competition.

If you are a new construction company or want a logo that immediately makes an impact, go with the color red. It also inspires confidence, enthusiasm, and a bright outlook on things.

It will look great on a modern engineer logo as well as on a fancy real estate logo.

Handyman logos can also benefit from this high-energy shade.

For a builder logo icon or a contractor logo, you can opt for a deeper shade of red and complement it with black, brown, or a similar neutral shade if you want to project authority or experience.

Construction Logo Design 10
House icon on red paint brush logo

Construction Logo Design 11
Image Source: Behance

Construction Logo Design 12
Image Source: Dribbble

4. Yellow + Olive + Teal + White

Yellow + Olive + Teal + White

Color Scheme Psychology:

  • Happy, bright, energetic
  • Creative, passionate, a sign of new dawns
  • Optimistic, enlightening, warm
  • Can also be a sign of caution

If you are looking for an attention-grabbing color for your construction logo image but do not want to pick something as intense as red, the natural choice is yellow.

It makes you notice itself but in a less intrusive way. For the construction industry, yellow has an added advantage. Due to its cultural association with being a symbol of caution and care, the yellow logo in construction immediately makes people think of heavy machinery, construction equipment, excavators, and stuff like that. Think of the yellow safety helmet.

Used in softer shades, yellow with olive and teal can make your brand communicate professionalism, energy, and expertise.

As a color symbolic of creativity and brightness, it can be a great choice for a construction material store logo, a tile shop logo, a wood workshop logo, and similar businesses that involve a lot of imagination and originality.

Construction Logo Design 13
Crane logo design for construction

Construction Logo Design 14
Image Source: Behance

Construction Logo Design 15
Image Source: Dribbble

5. Orange + Navy Blue + Rust + Grey

Orange + Navy Blue + Rust + Grey

Color Scheme Psychology:

  • Courage, confidence, energized
  • Warm, cheerful, and pleasant
  • Associated with youth and success

As the color symbolic of the sun, orange is all about newness, freshness, and original thinking. It’s a color of fresh beginnings, and on a cold construction image, it inspires feelings of warmth, creativity, and vision.

Orange is one of the really good colors for a construction company logo if you want your brand to look daring and optimistic. It’s a color that invites you to take notice. People associate it with friendliness and comfortable environments.

Orange paired with navy blue, rust, and grey is a construction logo color palette that’s enthusiastic with an understated tone. Perfect for a brand that wants to convey personalized, exciting experiences.

Construction Logo Design 16
Image Source: Behance

Construction Logo Design 17
Orange building logo

Construction Logo Design 18
Image Source: Dribbble

6. Green + Light Green + Yellow + Black

Green + Light Green + Yellow + Black

Color Scheme Psychology:

  • Symbolic of money, wealth, and abundance
  • A fertile, fresh, and healing color scheme
  • Associated with nature, calm, and tranquility

Out of all the colors in the palette, green is the one that’s most associated with nature. It immediately makes you think of lush forestry, freshwater streams, and clean air. It can be a perfect color for a skyscraper logo that promotes eco-friendly practices, offers building projects in the heart of nature, or supports sustainable construction.

Green is also synonymous with abundance. So if you want a building logo that can communicate the vastness of your resources or the richness of lands you work on, green can be your perfect branding partner.

Combine green with its varying shades or pair it with yellow and black, and you will get a construction color scheme synonymous with classic construction logos. For a high-end tweak, consider a dark shade of green that’s tinged with black.

Construction Logo Design 19
Green Tree in logo design template

Construction Logo Design 20
Image Source: Dribbble

Construction Logo Design 21
Image Source: Dribbble

7. Grey + Any Color

Grey + Any Color

Color Scheme Psychology:

  • Balanced, stable, and authoritative
  • Neutral, objective, and solid
  • Adds balance when paired with warm tones
  • Creates significantly cooler tones when paired with cool shades

Grey is perhaps the most neutral color of the bunch. It is associated with precision, control, and technology. As a construction color, we see it mostly on logos of companies that build glass and steel structures. Think of ultra-modern, chic, and technically fine.

Since it’s a cool color, a lot of it can also make the construction logo design (or the structure) look cold, unfeeling, and devoid of any warmth.

Therefore, use grey with real care. While it may be the most natural choice for an architect or a builder who’s into creating modern, futuristic structures, it may not be the best color for a construction logo for a local home repair shop that wants to look all about community.

Still, that limitation only exists when you use grey as a primary color. As an accent color, it provides the perfect canvas to let your imagination run wild.

Construction Logo Design 23
Image Source: Behance

Construction Logo Design 24
Image Source: Dribbble

8. White As An Accent

White As An Accen

Color Scheme Psychology:

  • Incites feelings of freshness, cleanliness, and crispness
  • Provides much-needed contrast to the design
  • Neutral, objective, and positive

You’ll hardly ever find a construction logo template that’s been designed in white. Most construction company color palettes use it to add balance, and contrast, or to support unisex designs.

However, here and there, we find construction company logos that are designed in white. While there is nothing wrong with the approach, there are certainly limitations. You’re then forever looking for brighter backgrounds to display your logo against, and have given up on the perfect canvas that white provides as the background color.

As a part of a construction color palette, however, no other color holds a candle to the variety white provides. It lets your logo shine, and gives it the perfect stage. It emphasizes the logo and works with all of the color palettes, even grey.

Construction Logo Design 7
Image Source: Behance

Construction Logo Design 8
Image Source: Dribbble

Construction Logo Design 9
Image Source: Dribbble

The Takeaway

As you can see, the color choice for a business logo is slightly different than just going with your favorite color. It must be in harmony with the theme of your construction brand. What kind of construction services do you provide, are you more into repairs or retail, your customer base and target audience, all these (and similar other) factors need to be kept in mind so you can create a well-thought-out design.

Construction Logo Maker

We hope the color information we have shared here will help you make some smart design decisions. Let us know in the comments which color(s) you’ve decided to go with.

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