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Unisex Color Palette To Transcend Gender Boundaries -

Much to everyone’s delight, colors this season transcend gender and cultural norms, and a total shift towards a unisex palette is anticipated with the arrival of 2017. Vivid brights give way to optimism and enthusiasm, though quiet stability still prevails in the color palette, and provides an anchor for the more invigorating hues. In addition to a plethora of color fads to look out for in 2017, the palette of the upcoming year holds no perceivable divisions in color choices between genders, both of which focus on a desire to reflect and breathe, then play.

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Influenced by the world of art, an innate desire to detach from technology and unwind, and a plethora of new global doors opening, designers have gravitated towards a palette that is calming and tranquil to the core. In reverence to the beauty and sheer pleasantness of natural resources, Colors emerging in 2016 for the upcoming year serve as vehicles that transport the viewers to more mindful, tranquil environs, which pave way for relaxation, followed by exploration and curiosity.

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Furthermore, inspired by the contrast of lush vegetation and urban design, designers conjured up startling color combinations, and collections reminiscent of nostalgia, travel, and architecture! Designers aspired to arouse a sense of reflection, in addition to a playful escapism, by choosing colors that represent and blend in with the world we live in. Designers have daringly experimented with gutsy color statements that are vibrant, yet are simultaneously combined with more natural, classic, and quieting tones.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves. With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation."

Here are the most thriving colors from the color palette of 2016, which you will see a lot of next year:

unisex color palette

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